A blue note

I’ve been necking all weekend! Haha, it’s not what you think 😉 It’s been a pretty musically-inclined weekend and since I can’t help but move to any beat, all the head-bopping and shaking all about has caused this tension on my neck. It’s moments like these when I fear old age creeping in!

On Friday night we attended a concert with Eddie Palmieri, who is this timeless, Grammy award-winning talented of a Latin Jazz magnificence. Between the trumpet, trombone, sax, Congo drums and the double bass, I was [this] close to salsa(ing) onstage. I was ‘dancing’ in my seat for the entire two hours.

On Saturday night we attended the Rooney concert at Cat’s Cradle and it absolutely rocked my socks off! They were beyond talented and most definitely easy on the eyes. Oh my goodness, I was beyond impressed by their stage presence and how much fun they were. I’m such a geek but couldn’t help myself and got one of their shirts! I don’t even wear T-shirts, but it’s my memorabilia from a memorable night! Between the jumping, screaming, waving of the arms, and head-bopping….this little lady officially had a wonderful weekend!

               anthropologie fancified boatneck

               anthropologie surging sprigs skirt
                anthropologie lane-line necklace

                anthropologie cliffhanger flats


11 thoughts on “A blue note

  1. I love that skirt on you, and the nautical top is probably the favorite I've seen out there, period. The shoulder detail? So perfect. Linear striped broken by free-form swirling. That's why we love Anthropologie… Hope your neck feels better soon. HEating pad? The performances sounded amazing. What a fun weekend.

  2. Hahaha, necking! At first I was like, "whaaaa?" But I can feel you on the tension caused by too much head-bopping and seat-dancing! It sounds like you had a wonderful time, though, which makes all that tension well worth it! You look super adorable in your stripes and navy blue!

  3. So chic, Dea! I love the pop of color from the flats. Everything about this outfit has French casual cool all over it–perfect for making some beats.

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