Something worth celebrating

We have a balcony and it’s been designated as the place where blog pictures are taken. For better or worse Dr. Love anticipates my “look” when I’m getting to leave for school/work/errands/shopping that lets him know it’s picture-time. Yesterday I came running upstairs from work so that I’d have time to capture my outfit before heading to class. As he begins to tell me to wait, I automatically open the blinds to discover the following:

Hot dog! It brightened up my day and made me think about the long journey of life. It sometimes doesn’t make sense when you have to go through really difficult hardships, moments where you’re questioning your existence, the purpose for anything, and just wondering when it will end. I by no means have experienced severe situations that have left me without family, a roof over my head or without any options, but have been tossed around (figuratively speaking) a time or two where I wanted to run far far away and find tranquility. So when Valentine’s Day comes around, for me it serves as a time reserved to celebrate the little beautiful things in life, the special thoughts displayed by genuine actions. 

Speaking of celebrations, wow you guys! I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your comments on what you’re celebrating. Each one is touching, no matter how simple or heartfelt. Thank you all for being honest and cheers for celebrating something special just for you.

                           h&m shirt

                      anthropologie necklace
                          f21 skirt
                         target tights

                          aldo flats


5 thoughts on “Something worth celebrating

  1. Awww Dr. Love is such a sweetie! What a great surprise.I love this outfit – you look so pretty in red, and I think I have that same F21 skirt. So cute!

  2. THAT SKIRT! THIS OUTFIT! I literally squealed when I saw you in this — I want this entire look, head to toe. You are so beautiful, Dea! Also, what a sweet and amazingly thoughtful surprise from Dr. Love. He's a great catch, and you're a great catch too! I am so happy that you both are together, sharing in each other's journeys through life!

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