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When the sale landed this past Wednesday I was anticipating (hoping really) that it wouldn’t affect me in any way because I’ve really been trying to stick to my wishlist and didn’t think any of the new Spring arrivals would be marked down so soon. Once the items were revealed I got excited over a couple of things, and then the free shipping promo was announced so it ignited a desire to place a couple of orders. The best surprise and success came about from popbacks. Let’s take a look at what was ordered:

 Ribbed Heather Tights – honestly, I hadn’t spotted these until the day I placed the order to qualify for free shipping. Good thing I did because I love them in both the brown and black colors. Warm tights are always welcomed during these cold months and the M/L gave plenty of room for my 5’7 frame.

Wooded Hideaway Skirt – I had always been curious about it from afar but never took the time to try it on while at the store. When it got here I really liked the soft silk material and unique print, buuuuuuuuuut I felt it it’s still overpriced at $80. When I think about how often I’d actually wear it, I’m more inclined to pursue if it receives a second cut. Back it goes.
Crimson Chevrons Blazer- its bold red color is what got my attention right away. That, and its seaman-cozy-sweater appeal that had me daydreaming of wearing it in a coffeeshop while curled up with a good book. I tried the XS and while the fit was okay it felt bulky on, and I also thought about the Alice Sweatercoat that I already own in red so the decision to take this back was even easier to make.
Pilcro Cohort Corduroys – Someone go ahead and call the corduroy police officer because this lady has abused her privileges! This is officially the 4th pair of these cords and I have officially lost it. While clearly the brown color provides a lot of variety for constructing outfits, the biggest excitement was that I got them for $20!

Surging Springs Skirt – this was another popback I was really excited about because ever since I tried it on back in October it had always been in the back of my mind. It’s a navy, classic pencil skirt, but the front drapes are just lovely and oh so flattering. I sized up to a 2 and the skirt stays in place, so there’s no tugging down or sliding up action. So pleased with this one and I think I want to pair it with a bright-color top!

Fancified Boatneck – again, another item that had been on the radar but I never adequately searched for it. The blue/white stripes are a classic favorite and the applique on the shoulders takes things up a notch from just a basic tee. My usual size fit great and it’s suprisingly soft! The lace does curl up a bit but I’ll try ironing, and if that fails, just might try my hand at sewing them down.

Field Skirt in Grey – while I already owned its golden sister, I thought that the grey could be a useful staple in my closet. Once it got here and I was able to try it on, the love just was not there. It poofed out and made me seem bigger than I am, which is never a look I aim for. I tried patting it down, shaking out its wrinkles, but to no avail, it was not meant to be. If anyone is interested in the skirt in a size 0, let me know!

Ahh, the joys of free shipping. With great power comes great responsibility!


10 thoughts on “Anthropologie Haul

  1. Free shipping always loosens my Anthro ordering inhibitions too! 🙂 I think you ordered some great stuff! I would maybe even reconsider returning the Wooded Hidaway skirt — it seems so *Dea* somehow to me. Although I guess the sale price is fairly dear…well I will cross my fingers for a second cut for you!

  2. I laughed about your comment about the cords. I own the Stevie Cords in brown, wine, navy, green and taupe, so consider me guilty as well. All I have been wearing this winter and I love them! I have the pencil skirt that you bought and love it. Nice twist on a pencil and very vesatile.

  3. I totally understand about the cords…I have three pairs myself. I also think the Wooded Hideaway is pretty but still overpriced – I'm holding out for a second cut. I think those tights are the ones I've bought three pairs of recently (if they're by Hue) but didn't know the name of – in taupe, gray and black, and I LOVE them. I want more, because they are the best tights ever. So comfortable, warm, and easy to pull on.

  4. Ha-Ha! Dea! I too, have 3 pairs of those Pilcro's. What a steal at $20 each. I paid $30 each for mine. I keep looking at that Crimson Sweater, but I agree that it even looks bulky in the product shot. And I already have 2 Red coats and numerous red sweaters. Must curtail the urge. Yay for as many skirts as you can find.

  5. goldenmeans- thanks for that sweet comment! The skirt is lovely but I don't "love it" at that price. Let's see how my luck pans out for that 2nd cut…cindi- a haul indeed, thanks! I was most happy with the popbacks, just love it when that happens!bronzi- thank you friend for sharing your own love with the cords. They are a wonderful change from jeans during this time of year and the various colors are so cheerful! Glad to hear your feedback on the skirt, I have a feeling it will be a versatile piece in my closet.LC – I don't think these tights are by HUE, but they sure are comfortable and like you said, very easy to put on. And high five for also owning as many pairs of cords as I! Pamela- it's this new thing I've been doing, really really think about whether I already own something similar prior to purchasing something. I used to be so much more in the moment but lately I've been trying to think about the long-term.Anon- this is the light grey color. Not sure which color you're referring to that's olive, but this is labeled as khaki by Anthro. Hope this helps!Laura- great deal on the cords, they're just so versatile, aren't they? I've always has a soft spot for corduroys in general.

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