Golden light

For every bad story in consumer land, there’s a good one. Yesterday was spent griping about J Crew, and thank you ladies for the words of encouragement and letting me know that you’ve been burned as well. It helps to hear I’m not alone with my J Crew frustration. Well, today I want to share a really positive experience with the one and only. A couple of weeks ago I began the search for the Beaded Eglantine cardigan because well, it’s just so darn gorgeous and I secretly want it in the orange color as well (if anyone spots one in an XS, holla). I was able to locate one at the Austin store after a very helpful tip from a very helpful reader. When the package got here a few short days later, this is what I found:

 “Dea, I hope you enjoy the new addition to your closet! Thank you so much!” Thank YOU so much Austin for this special little touch that made me smile and feel just a touch fuzzy inside. It’s the thought that counts.

anthropologie: odille tree print blouse, field skirt,looping lanes belt, sweater-cuff booties/ gap tights

14 thoughts on “Golden light

  1. Yay!! I love handwritten notes. I love looking at all the different types of penmanship. Since I know you are moving soon, did you ever think of being on one of those shows on HGTV? Househunters, My First Place, or For Rent? How cool would that be?!

  2. Inspired styling! Dea you look lovely. Despite fallonroxann's suggestion 😉 if you ever want to make room in your closet I live locally and you can name your price for that blouse.

  3. That's awesome you found the Beaded Eglantine cardigan and the handwritten note is sooo nice! I also had a positive experience when I called around trying to locate the Beaded Eglantine. Although I didn't get a handwritten note, the SA I talked to was sooo sweet on the phone and seemed genuinely excited for me that I'd found one in my size. Enjoy the beautiful cardi and I hope you find the orange too!

  4. I love it when Anthro includes a thank you note, it is so sweet. I also have a Beaded Eglantine winding its way to me, and I can't wait.Thanks for the help on the booties!

  5. I'm very impresssed! Rarely do handwritten notes exist these days. I am glad you found your cardi Dea, after all you've been through with the Jcrew fiasco. I love your OOTD – the colours blend in nicely together!

  6. It probably took the SA one minute to write that note, but look at the long lasting impact it has! It's so nice to get that special attention from a store. Your outfit is amazing! That blouse is just so pretty with the leaf print. I'm smitten with it!

  7. Ooh, Dea, I FREAKING LOVE that shirt!! I've searched ebay for a couple years for that baby. To no avail. Looks amazing on you. I get charge-sends from Austin quite a bit, and their personal notes are always a lovely surprise. It is the little things, isn't it?!

  8. I just read this post, and wanted to say that twice I've done a charge-send from the Austin store, and BOTH times, I've received sweet, hand-written notes to accompany my purchase. It probably took someone all of 20 seconds to write, and resulted in a warm fuzzy feeling that lasted me for days. Even now, it makes me smile to think that someone was thoughtful enough to take a wee bit of time out of their day to be kind to me.

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