Color blocks and a bit of inconsistent J Crew

I couldn’t resist this dress. I tried it on back in September, didn’t want to pay full price and sort of fell out of love with it. Then it went on sale and while the price was tempting I didn’t find the motivation to look for it. Months pass, different bloggers wear it in all these beautiful ways and here I am, hunting for the dress and having all the luck on Roxy’s trading market. NWT at a reasonable price? I’m sold and am now among the deers. Today was much warmer than the past few, so I was able to leave the house in a cardigan with bright tights and let the outfit shine on its own. I love the soft corduroy (told you I have a thing) and the muted lavender is what always brought me back. 

         anthropologie southward stop shirtdress
         j crew merino ruffled cardigan & studded belt
                         atl tights

            anthropologie rensselaer t-straps

As for my beef with J Crew, I’ll tell you my story. I have been on the lookout for the Jackie cardigan in bright cinnamon for some time, yet I didn’t want to make a big order to qualify for free shipping because my store never carried it in my size. In I went based on the advise that the red phone would come to my rescue. The SA calls and he’s making small talk, and at one point I hear him say “Oh, I see. Well, please honor the store price which is the regular price of $62”. Say what? Is the cardi on sale and you’re telling red phone lady to charge me full price, for what reason precisely?  
I get on the phone and friendly lady informs me that the cardigan is no longer available online in my size so a store search would be the natural next step. Pause- I was just online the other day and saw the cardigan available. In fact, every time I’ve checked it’s been in stock. My friendly SA tells me that red phone lady would even honor the 15% student discount, you know, when she finds my item. Friendly lady takes all my info and informs me that they would make big efforts to search everywhere in the entire country for the cardi, then either call or email with the findings. 

I leave the store feeling like I’m one step closer to my cardi. Fifteen minutes later I get an email notifying that the search has been called off – no cardi in sight. Wow, a speedy search indeed. This didn’t make any sense and I was still puzzled by what the SA said, so I went online and what do you think I find?? Oh the usual, the cardi, my cardi, just there, available in my size and everything. Pathetic J Crew! I call CS and explain the whole debacle- he tells me he’ll place the order right away and even honor the student discount. Grand total? $25!!!! The cardi went on sale but for the store search, not so friendly SA wants me to be charged full price. 

While the outcome was positive and cardi and I will soon be together, I was really put off by the inconsistency with the search process and shady behavior of the SA. I even asked if it had gone on sale and he says half-heartedly, “Oh you know, sometimes things go on sale, then they’re gone, then they’re back at full price, so….” Right, so what’s the real answer? 



15 thoughts on “Color blocks and a bit of inconsistent J Crew

  1. Red is your color. You look so pretty!J. Crew's in store folks leave a bit to be desired, often. In fact, I stay away from most of my locals because of the less than stellar customer service. Here's the rub, they may dislike me because I return to them and don't buy as much, but I don't buy as much from them as on-line *because* of their less than stellar service. Big ole cycle, this one…lol.

  2. I seconded Dina, I usually avoid the in store SA's because they are usually hard to deal with. I do all my JCrew shopping online. If you ever need something I can send you my online PS's info and she'd happily help you and wouldn't pull any of that shady stuff!

  3. So funny! I got home from work and pulled off the horrible outfit I put on this morning in a rush, looked around for something to change into, and put on the southward stop dress since it's so cozy…then I threw on my tomato red cardigan from Gap for contrast and opened up my blog reader… and there you were, in the same outfit! You look super cute, and I'm glad you found one for a good price!

  4. 2 things here:1- I absolutely love the combination of this dress with a red-toned cardi (I saw the same combo on Sara a few weeks ago too). You look so, soooo good.2. J.Crew CS has been absolute WHACK lately! I vented about a very unpleasant experience i had at my local store on my blog last week. I felt humiliated, angry and shocked by the way the store lady treated me. Yuck. J.Crew, please take note, and stop employing just anyone to deal with your "valued" customers!

  5. I am so happy you succeeding in finding the cardi! I swoon over the Southward Stop Dress. I KNOW I will be united with it in a 14 one day…I am sorry I didn't buy it every single time I see it on someone… It is so stinkin' cute AND I love the quirkiness! Your outfit just rocks today! Cheers!

  6. What an awful CS experience. I haven't recently been that in love with something of theirs to do that kind of stalking, thank goodness, because I think I would have had fume coming out of my ears!!! 🙂 I'm glad you were able to get a good and wallet friendly resolution!I love that dress, too. I like that you can pair fun color tights and cardis with it because it's pretty neutral but yet has those washes of the navy and maroon. So fun!!

  7. Arghhh…i read your Jcrew story and felt the some frustration – probably the same frustraton you must have felt at the time it happened. How annoying! I generally dislike dealing with chainstores here in oz. A lot of the staff are casual, so hence, they don't really know the stock well and can't help me when i need to track down an item! Anyway, you look amazing in the Southward stop dress! It was meant to be for you.

  8. For the most part, my experience with J. Crew has been okay. I've always been treated pretty well and nothing shady as the thing that went down with you. Good night!! The great news is that you look doe-eyed cute in your dress with that cardi color. I've also wanted that cinnamon color cardi forever too, but they sold out in every size quick as a wink in my store. visiting j.crew dot com now…

  9. Hi Dea~! You look lovely in the southward stop dress–great idea to pair it with red!Sorry to hear about your J. Crew experience. I'm with the others, I do most of my shopping online now unless I know for sure one of the nice SAs will be in. It might be worthwhile to write a letter to corporate so that the same thing won't happen to someone else! Anyway, glad you got the cardigan 🙂

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