Keep coming back for more

Lace is the name of the game apparently because I just can’t seem to stay away. Never owning anything lace-related, the last few purchases seem to indicate that I have been missing out big-time. I think that about four of my lace tops have come from F21 and really, the price point was so reasonable it’s most likely the reason I’ve been working so diligently on my collection. They just feel so classic, romantic, and soften any outfit. They also feel timeless and delicate, whether paired with skirts, tucked under a simple dress, or in today’s case, with corduroys. 

Cords….they just might be my second-favorite as of late due to how comfortable they are during these cold days that we’ve been having and I love wearing them in multiple colors. I remember in the 9th grade, I had this pair of lilac cords from Wet Seal, and they had these flared bottoms so I thought that it was best if they were always paired with wedges. I wore them often, at a time when everyone else favored jeans and khakis wondering why I thought it was cool in any way to wear corduroys. Noam Chomsky wore cords (though they weren’t lilac), so how could I go wrong?

Can I just go ahead and confess that I’m excited/nervous about the Anthro sale tomorrow? There’s definitely a couple of things that are on my radar, but I’m somewhat torn because I received the February catalog this afternoon and my wishlist grew in a matter of minutes! Still, who am I fooling? Can’t wait to see what’s in store tomorrow morning……and thank you Roxy for all that you do in making the night-before-the-sale uber-exciting!

  f21 lace top
  anthropologie necklace
   charlotte russe bracelet
 anthropologie pilcro cohort cords
  anthropologie over the moon booties

14 thoughts on “Keep coming back for more

  1. When I was in high school the gap sold cords in all different colors and I remember begging my mom for dark purple ones and she refused to buy them for me. Every season I look for super saturated cords that work with my shape and height but I haven't found the perfect ones yet. I know my mom is probably tired of hearing me complain about those cords but I think it was a defining moment in what I wanted to wear.

  2. Dea, can I ask if you find those booties TTS, and are they comfortable? I bought them but I'm not sure about keeping them because they seem really uncomfortable and I can't tell if they'll get better over time. Thanks.

  3. I love lace too Dea – it instantly exudes romance and looks very sweet. I love the lace top you are wearing!There's an Anthro sale tomorrow eh? hmm….that could be bad for my wallet!

  4. You look amazing in the lace top! Just the write mix of colours with the cords and the boots. I honestly can't stay away from lace tops and I thank F21 for providing cheap and pretty ones!

  5. Oh the color of your cords are just so soft and lovely and looks even better with that super feminine lace top. I went to Anthro yesterday and tried on some things. My wishlist grew while I was in the store and then I got the catalog in the mail yesterday and added a few more.

  6. So Cute! I love F21 lace top!! It looks great on you. I went to F21 yesterday looking for this top, but I could not find it… Is this old item? If you have a product code for this item, would you mind sharing it? I always get inspired by your outfit.

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