One amazing girl…You!

Once there was a girl…..and she was unique and talented and interesting and amazing and unforgettable…and real. And she knew, deep down, that if she tried something and things didn’t go as she had hoped or wanted or dreamed or planned, she could just try something different or try the exact same thing again but approach it in a new or different way. Then, one day, her greatest hopes and dreams actually became true.

  anthropologie: amarena sweater dress, this-way that-way cardigan, chasing wake belt, cockle shell tights, brass and band booties

And so her life was full of all these amazing and unforgettable moments and events and circumstances: incredible wins, of course, but also equally incredible – and worth it – losses. Because no matter what happened, she learned from everything around her and everything she went through. Yes, she fell sometimes (like everybody else does), but she got up and moved forward by always being true to herself. And maybe one day she will even make a path for others to follow… until they can make their own paths, too.

You see, it’s not that she was never frightened or sad or even knew when she woke up each day what to do (no one does). It was simply that she believed in herself and always shined on like a star. Just like you.

**What you just read was not written by me – even better, it was from my calendar. It’s the most cheerful calendar that was gifted by mother, where every month it provides a short passage on empowering girls and reminding them how fabulous they are every step of the way. It makes me smile and provides comfort during the highs and lows. I wanted to share it with you all as a gentle reminder: always believe in yourself, no matter what!


5 thoughts on “One amazing girl…You!

  1. Hi Dea, What a great post. Follow you and love your cheerful attitude.This is my first comment though. Congrats on your move. I wish you much Happiness. Lucky Girl you are 🙂

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