Fitting room fun

This past weekend Dr. Love and I decided on a whim to head up to Charlottesville VA to do some homework (will explain this soon). Aside from keeping up with our duties and responsibilities, I convinced him that it would be vital to explore all parts of the town, including the Anthropologie store. He wasn’t quite convinced but nevertheless, I made it in for a quick bit to explore a few pretties.

The easy-peasy blazer was an unexpected and pleasant find that I picked up on a whim. I grabbed an XS and the fit was great and very flattering. I loved rolling up the sleeves and its cotton material made it cozy all year-long. Definitely tempted to bring it home but will wait for a sale. Just a pleasant reminder of how a blazer can always sharpen an outfit.

I always tend to be a bit cautious with black sweaters because they have the tendency to fade with time and wash, yet I need them in my repertoire due to its neutral, basic hue. The exbury gardens cardigan is one of those pieces that is the right amount of basic and extra special. I went with my typical XS and the fit was right on, could work well buttoned or opened, layered over a dress or cami. Some online reviews had concerns with the length, but I found it to hit me right at the hips and I’m 5’7 for reference.

 Due to its current $20 price tag, I took the Bright Specs cardigan for a spin. Let’s face it: $20 anything at Anthro will have you thinking twice about something you’ve always overlooked. I tried on the XS and it didn’t feel right, the boxy cut, the blah beige color didn’t inspire and just to tune in to my instincts I raised my arms and yep, I felt like the ruffles on the side were my wings, so down came the arms and off with the cardi.

 ‘xcuse the yellow bra that seems to have made an appearance here today. Just focus instead on the beauty that is the back porch blouse. The smallest size available was a 2 and the fit was okay but I think trying on the 0 would satisfy my curiosity for accurate fit. Clearly one must layer this with a cami underneath but I thought it was graceful, very ladylike, and clearly on my radar.

Last but not least, allow me to introduce you to the cutie pie that is the take action dress with all its pretty teal and 50’s style polka dots in a bright and cheerful lime green. My usual size 0 in dresses was perfect, the silk was easy breezy for day and night, and I personally took action and brought this little number home with me. After returning the Refined Cord shirtdress (because I am clearly well-stocked in the shirtdress department) I thought it was a great buy and I didn’t want to gamble my chances of finding my size available once it hit sale. 

This is my kind of shopping by the way – patiently exploring different pieces and pulling the trigger on something that makes my heart sing. Rather than spend that same amount of money on several pieces that may or may not be worn multiple times, I’d rather purchase one item for the month and make it my statement piece.


14 thoughts on “Fitting room fun

  1. I pulled the trigger last night too Dea and got the Take Action dress. I haven't bought anything from Anthro since OCtober last year and I am all for "investment" shopping. Can I just say, the Take Action dress looks darling on you – I don't think it'll be around come sale time!

  2. You'll have to tell me how you like Charlottesville because that's where I went to college. I always visit that Anthro when we are in town for football games.

  3. Thanks for these reviews. I'm patiently waiting for that blazer to go on sale too – I keep wanting to throw caution to the wind and order it in all 3 colors :DDid the Take Action dress have any elastic or stretch at the waist? I'm usually on the border between sizes 2 and 0, and if it does have stretch I might try 0.

  4. Hi Dea,I live in Charlottesville and am madly in love with it! I'm of course very curious about why you and Dr. Love were scoping out the town. If you ever need any advice about Cville, I'm your girl!

  5. vintageglammz- oh yey for getting the dress and by the way, I really admire your willingness to purchase Anthro goodies internationally. I think I'd be deterred by the ridiculous shipping prices!diem- I really liked Charlottesville and was reminiscent of where I grew up and where I currently live: college towns! I am most thrilled to be so close to mountains and the wineries.ady- thanks! It definitely has become a favorite by everyone and it will be fun to see how everyone styles it.egypt- thanks so much and for visiting! I'm not done with the layout but I'm on my way.cindi- you're a sweetheart and good friend for not wanting to enable more shopping and being cognizant of my NYR. I did buy the dress but have stayed away from anything else so it's a good start!alattestyle- oh yey for commenting since you live in Charlottesville! I definitely did enjoy our short visit and especially the Anthropologie store. The staff was all so sweet and helpful!anon- I know what you mean about the blazer and hoping it will hit sale soon, because then you can invest in more than one color! As for the dress, it does have an elastic waist so there's room to spare. I brought home the 0 so when I take pics for the blog I can take one with the dress stretched out so you can see the room left over!pamela- thanks so so much, it does have a vintage feel and that's why it spoke out to me in volumes!jan- thank you, I'm excited about wearing it soon as well and know that it will just be for work or a day on campus rather than waiting for a special occasion!meghan- I really appreciate your offer on any advice about the town, I could definitely use it and if you ever want to drop me a line (I didn't see your email) I would be grateful!

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