Staying in

Due to the cold weather recently I’ve been getting reacquainted with indoor activities like reading, organizing the study, preparing for the new semester, and everyone’s favorite: Netflix on Instant. In a matter of two days the last season of Law & Order SVU was covered from beginning to end and my appetite for the show has been temporarily satiated. It was also such a treat being “forced” by the snow to cuddle up indoors with a good book. Going through my belongings reminded me of the great collection of books I’ve acquired over the years and they’re one of my most prized possessions because they expand my imagination.

This dress was one of the first items I bought at full-price last year – it just went straight to my heart and felt the colors and pattern were playful and classic. I’ve worn it many times, sometimes just belted, other times layered with a cardigan, or accessorized with a hat and flat sandals for the summertime. It’s a good reminder of the way I should feel about an item of clothing before deciding to bring it home because sometimes when trying things at the store I can easily be swayed by immediate excitement but it’s not always a timeless piece. Ah, the joy of shopping!

                               anthropologie reed shirtdress
                               anthropologie belt (name escapes me)
                               target tights
                               anthropologie brass and band booties


8 thoughts on “Staying in

  1. The Reed shirtdress is lovely on you. And I agree about settling in with a good book and some Netflix. It is truly ideal! What have you read lately that was good?

  2. I absolutely love the Reed on you! You wear it so well, and the silhouette is beautiful on you! Your indoor activities sound enviable, too — books are such great things to help pass the time… and well, so is Netflix Instant, haha!

  3. I absolutely love the idea of an entire day or weekend with no plans but plenty of books to read and DVR programs to watch. You always look wonderful in shirtdresses and this one was totally worth paying FP for. It's so classic and the fit is perfect on you.

  4. Hi Dea! I loved reading how special this dress is for you. I am trying to think of clothes in the same way — if they don't "speak" to me, I will think twice about buying them. I have a bright red coat from Guess that makes me feel the same way. It has toggle closures, an empire waist, and slight pleated at the shoulders. Every time I put it on — or even just look at it in my closet– I smile. You look great in the Reed dress and I can see why it is such a loved piece!

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