Anthro fitting room

The great thing about Sundays is that I have another day to get myself together and enjoy the day off. It’s even more exciting when plans include cleaning out the closet, meet up with a dear friend, and try on some new spring pretties at Anthropologie. Now I have to be honest by stating that lately I haven’t been too excited by the new arrivals and I remember last year when the January catalog made its way to my mailbox, my wish list grew exponentially and I couldn’t wait for Spring to make its way. This January I’m feeling more in the moment, still in delight over the sweater dresses and cardigans that have newly populated my closet, but after yesterday’s excursion, suddenly things are looking up for warmer weather!

                                  Across the Land Dress

From afar, this dress really captivated me because the polka dots were just the right amount of adorable but done in a chic way placed against the navy backdrop. I truly wanted this to be my first Spring purchase, but once on I just knew we were not meant to be. I tried the smallest size and it was huge on me, unflattering in many ways. The length hit me at an awkward place, the gap on the front was too much for my girls to take, and sleeve gaps didn’t help. So disappointing but back to the rack it went. The other thing worth mentioning is that the dress had some weight to it, so for those that can make it work I think it would be a versatile number for fall, and even winter.

                            Soft-Structured Dress

 When I saw this dress worn by a couple of bloggers, I was intrigued. Then not too long ago I saw one of the SA’s at my local store with it on and my interest peaked even more although I hesitated because I thought the print might be too bold. Once on, I quite liked it. I tried on a small and there was a bit of room but the jersey material is pretty soft and thin so it didn’t take away from its shape. Definitely a versatile dress that could be worn for various occassions, but I noticed that the top was sheer and my yellow bra definitely stood out. Worth considering come sale time.

                                    Sun Shades Dress

  The feeling I was looking for that is quite familiar at Anthropologie: pulling up the straps of a dress over my shoulders and getting the biggest smile from the reflection staring back at me. This dress was the sweetest and the cutest that really made me cheerful at finding something so pretty and breezy in 30-degree weather. I tried on a 0 and the fit was perfect. The pockets on the side were an extra perk, as was its bright color, embellished with its rough-around-the-edges yellow ribbons. Definitely on my radar.

                              Decade-By-Decade Skirt

  Oh how I can’t help but be drawn to these 50’s circle skirts that slightly linger over my knees. This skirt was like candy when I found it at the store, though the waist looked infinitely small. I went with my usual size 0 and the fit was great at the very tippy-top of my waist. It could probably be flattering paired with a top in any color of the rainbow, which just increases its potential for versatility.


11 thoughts on “Anthro fitting room

  1. Love, love, love the skirt and the yellow dress. Thanks for letting us know about the sheerness of the floral dress. I am curvy and usually wear a 14 in dresses…. so I think I am going to get the polka dot one – sounds like it might fit me! Cheers!Girls Day Out

  2. I just love the Sun Shades dress. I agree though that last year at this time there was more to love.. I remember because it's my birthday month and my wishlist was long!The skirt is so pretty. I need to try that one on. Did you buy anything?

  3. The Sun Shades dress is the winner here Dea. I adore it on you and everyone else i have seen in it. I'm having second thoughts about the Across the Land dress – most people find the top just too loose. A bit disappointing, as i love the look of it online!Thanks for these reviews – very helpful.

  4. I also love the yellow dress and it's at the top of my wishlist!!! I had been a little sad not loving any of the new arrivals until recently when now I find quite a few beautiful things!

  5. That skirt is so pretty- I've seen it around but not tried it on. However, I found that the floral dress was sheer at the top too! I had to pass, sadly, but it looked good on you.

  6. Ooooo, the soft structures dress looks beautiful on you! The striped yellow one is gorgeous as well and looks like it'll be a blogger favorite! I love how happy you look in it too, which is definitely a great sign!

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