A birthday in pictures

 For my birthday last week we decided to make the trip to a little town called Troy. Population: 3,000. Best known for its proximity to the Uwharrie National Forest. Our interest was to get away from our everyday schedules and cozy up to this very quaint and historic bed & breakfast.

The house was inviting at every corner, whether we wanted to sit in the reading room, devour the delicious breakfast made by the hostess, or just to make friends with the Christmas tree.

The following morning we went hiking on Morrow Mountain State Park and took the Sugarloaf trail. What started out as a moderate walk, the path of mountain slopes and hardwood forest became more extensive and strenuous, requiring more effort on our part.

And my partner in crime who made my special day, like every day, wonderful.



16 thoughts on “A birthday in pictures

  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday Dea, the pictures are fabulous. There's nothing better than tiny B&Bs, such personal service and so private :)Your snowy egret dress is just gorgeous as is your partner in crime!

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