On the 9th day of Christmas

I stayed up until midnight so I could be awake for the first minutes of my 29th year. There’s goals and hopes and wishes for what this year can bring and I want to be present for each moment. 

The B&B has been a winter wonderland. This is one of the many trees that can be found throughout the house – this one’s in the bedroom and I left the lights on all night.

Today is also a very special day here in blog land because my 12 days of Christmas vignette will be up on Tara B.’s blog Little Girl Big Closet. I am too excited for this and owe a lot to Dr. Love for creating this bit of magic for the holiday season. Here’s a sneak peek:


14 thoughts on “On the 9th day of Christmas

  1. Dea, Happy Birthday! It was so nice of you to give us a present in your 9 Ladies Dancing photo. It is so visually stunning! It made me happy just looking at it. Enlarge that one and hang it on the wall. BeaUtiful!ebe

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