Turkish Delight

To celebrate the end of a lovely weekend Dr. Love and I went out to dinner at a Turkish restaurant where the food was overwhelmingly good. Now I may be biased since I’ve grown up accustomed to a Balkan cuisine and no meal is complete without a bit of feta cheese and olive oil, but we ordered different items on the menu and thoroughly enjoyed its traditional recipes. It served as a good reminder for me to roll up the sleeves and get to making some spanakopita!

Has anyone else been drawn to the big (extra 30% sale items + free shipping on $150+) sale that J Crew has been cooking up? I definitely took a bite and promptly ordered the following:

                                     Double-Cloth Lady Day Coat

I had to play around with the sizing and ordered both a 2 and 4 just to make sure layering underneath was still an option, and ultimately went with the smaller size. Its bold color is great, the cut is classic, and I’m feeling satisfied with my coat purchase for the year.

This sweater came along with my order and I am just so happy with it – its cheerful color and ruffled scoopneck spruces my spirits.

f21 skirt
ae dotted tights
 aldo flats

10 thoughts on “Turkish Delight

  1. I bought my first ever Lady Day Coat in fall of 2007, and it's proven to be one of the best closet investments ever, no joke. Yours is such a lovely color. And I'm digging the indoor pic- it looks so warm and cozy- you're a cuite!

  2. I love this sweater! I have it in the pale grey cardigan version and it's such a great heavy ruffle. This colour looks super cute and with the coat too!I definitely bit on some of these recent J Crew sales, but I'm devastated that between sales purchases the wide-rib rust tights went on sale and I missed getting them. so sad. I wish I had a store to shop at…if anyone sees any…

  3. Funny enough, I was just thinking about Jcrew! They were my first step into online shopping (before anthro). You look like a ballerina in that outfit, so adorable 🙂

  4. Yummy – Turkish food! My grandpa (who is about 100% Norwegian) makes the very best Turkish Delight. I've tried buying some, but it just wasn't the same at all. Love the bright shade you picked out for the Lady Day. It will look stunning on you! I also bit on the add'l 30% off. I had been lusting over the Pailette Mirage Tweed Mini Skirt, and finally decided to bit. At $100, it was still pricey, but a lot better than the $248 retail. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's not too short – or tight! I also found a plum-colored wool dress from the factory section for just $35 — I think it'll be perfect for work!

  5. I'm also a die hard fan of my J.Crew coat – the one you choose is such a pretty color! I love your new sweater too, the ruffle detail is so girly and pretty. I picked up quite a few things on sale…mainly sweaters…the prices were too good to pass up!

  6. Dea, the sweater looks lovely and I had not seen it before. When looking at some of the other colors (light pink for example), did you notice any of them to be see through at all? Or scratchy?It does look very pretty on you, I think you should get it in more colors (oops, sorry for encouraging more retail purchases!) :)))Heidi

  7. That sweater is gorgeous on you, and I overlooked it before. It's just lovely, as is your whole outfit. I have 3 J.Crew coats, and they've all held up beautifully.

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