My Big Lebowski Fisherman Sweater

One look at this cardigan and I was enamored. I own nothing like it, and with the temperatures dropping so low I needed warmth, and quickly! Yesterday I was stumbling about at the mall (cringe factor: 10) looking for quick presents, but I was also counting my minutes because I felt overwhelmed by the crowds and superfluous materials. To increase my anxiety levels I step foot in F21, but lucky for me I quickly spot this fisherman sweater that answered my need to be wrapped up in something warm. Right away my mind produced the following image:

 Fisherman wool sweater is one thing, but looking at The Dude for fashion inspiration? Had I lost my mind? Well, apparently so, because I walked out with it the other day and today it kept me toasty and I’m one happy camper!

                                  F21 fair isle cardigan

                            j crew atlee skirt
                            ae cozy cable knit tights

                            ciao bella thabata boot


14 thoughts on “My Big Lebowski Fisherman Sweater

  1. Very cute Dea! Nothing like a great sweater to feel toasty and warm. I have been eyeing one very similar from Sundance. Do you know you are my number 3 blog traffic source? Thank you!

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