Saturday Shopping

We technically moved into our new apartment the weekend before Thanksgiving, so logic would determine that by now we’d be all settled in, however, this is far from reality. Plastic bins are still taking up space, my jewelry is nowhere to be found, and the donation pile needs to be transported to the car. Yesterday I took some initiative to turn things around and make this place a home, and today I had to venture out and collect the missing pieces: a bathroom waste basket for the newly-acquired 2nd bathroom, extra hangers, a floor lamp (Wal-Mart surprisingly rocked it), and then…..the new camera!! Not so much a need but more of like an early holiday treat. 

This was me today braving the rainy cold among the frantic shoppers:

                anthropologie whirling ruffles sweater dress
                anthropologie blooming lattice cardigan
                target necklace
                anthropologie berry bush tights
                wanted boots

Where have I been all this time without a decent camera and magical zoom features? The Nikon L110 came home with me today and while I haven’t completely explored all its fancy features, I was fascinated with..umm….my face…just to test the zoom y’all!!


13 thoughts on “Saturday Shopping

  1. That's great you got yourself a new camera! And although it may not seem like it now with so much to do, find and unpack, I'm sure you're going to have a lot of fun decorating and setting up your new place. Great outfit!

  2. Lisa, I don't have the Blooming Lattice either. It did not work on me. You look adorable Dea! Moving is a process. Settling in is an even longer process. It will all come together soon. šŸ™‚ Congrats on the new camera!

  3. Moving is not much fun. I dread the day when we have to move.You look fab in the blooming lattice cardi! and Lisa is not the only person on the planet without the cardi. I don't have it either! I WISH i did though.Congrats on your camera. You have such a goregous face structure Dea!

  4. Add another to name to the non-owner club. I hate that I didn't pick up the navy that hung out in my store's sale room. I'm also bummed I passed on that sweater dress. Now that colder temps are here, your outfit, Dea, is the perfect thing to wear. I'm excited you treated yourself to a new camera. Pics are great so far. Good luck settling in, it sounds like you're off to a nice start. And you still have that gorg deck!

  5. Cute shopping outfit Dea. Do you like your new camera? I'm also in the market to buy a new camera but there's so many options it's hard to choose! And wow, you have really nice skin by the looks of your zoom pics. :)Happy new apartment!~ Athena

  6. While browsing the Anthro Catalogs, that is one dress that I always stop and admire for a minute two. Wishing I had on. but not sure how it would look on me. Looks amazing on you Dea. As everything you wear does. Great Boots too. Lisa, You're not the only one on the planet without a Blooming Lattice.

  7. How exciting that you got a new camera! Looking forward to seeing all the pictures you'll shoot with it. And the Blooming Lattice with this dress is just too cute!

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