Well, as of this morning, I am officially done with the semester and couldn’t be happier that this time is finally here! It was definitely more challenging than any other, and it interestingly had nothing to do with the coursework but more with the scheduling, work, the people, and the one-woman-show of balancing it all. The next semester is my last and I can finally move forward with what I have been wanting to do. This semester took me out of my comfort zone of taking it easy and being in control of how I spent my time. Instead, I depended on the calendar to dictate my activities on an hourly/daily basis. My hopes for the next few months is to maintain a steady pace doing what makes me happy!

Due to the hectic school schedule and the weather turning so cold rather quickly, I’ve been neglecting my needs of staying physically active. I started running when I was 13, and it is the one activity that always helps in keeping me balanced, strong, and well, healthy! Unable to work out regularly or running for long distances has dampened my moods so now that I’ve gained a bit of freedom I’m ready to get out there, layered in fleece gloves. There’s a 15.1 mile race scheduled for the end of January and I think it would be a great start for 2011.

One of the reasons why I haven’t been posting as many OOTDs is because I haven’t been too pleased with the picture quality of my iphone, imagine that! I’ve got a camera but it’s not the most reliable so I’ve finally decided to upgrade and am on the market for a beginner’s point and shoot that can come through with producing lucid imagery. I’m not looking to spend too much so any recommendations you all may have are greatly encouraged and appreciated! I just can’t wait to bring home something decent to capture outfits with!!

The first step is admitting you have a problem, right? Well these are my confessions (as Usher would say). I have a problem sale shopping. It’s so true, I go for items that are on sale simply due to their oh-so-appealing low price. That new price seems to give an item a whole new life in my eyes. Give it a month or two and I’ve hardly reached for that item, and it’s pointless really because that money could have gone to something that would cost more but I’d love more as well, making the purchase worthwhile. It’s time for a change, and not just for financial reasons but for overall well-being. Less is truly more, but my closet doesn’t come close to demonstrating such a mindset. I think (gulp) I would be much more fulfilled if I owned less material things, so one of my goals is to actively aim for that and appreciate what I already own.

 In light of what I just stated, get ready for some new items at the closet sale because while something may no longer get love from me, it can shine bright in someone’s collection of clothes. I’ve had positive interactions with those ladies (and one gent) who have purchased in the past and I’m so glad that we have a venue like this blogging community (especially Roxy’s) that can help us find that one really special item that make our hearts pitter patter. 

I’m starting the camera search tonight since I’ve missed posting outfits and if I can just say, I’ve worn a couple of outfits worth sharing and that’s what this little space is all about!


6 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Sony, Canon and Nikon all make great point and shoot cameras. Sony is probably the cheapest- I used one (and still use it from time to time) and was very pleased with it as far as image quality was concerned.

  2. Alright—student, running, too prone to sale price-points—it basically sounds like we are the same person.Good luck resuming the running. I have a half marathon coming up in February, but I'm very, VERY out of shape (law school takes its toll). You must be relieved to be done for the semester.

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