What a tweedy surprise!

Is it bad to admit out loud that what motivated the 8-hour drive home yesterday was my anticipation for the Anthro packages? Yes, there were two. I’ve been so stressed out and busy with school (end of the semester will bring that on full-force) so with these amazing sales lately I took a chance with a couple of things. 

                   What didn’t work: the Switching Sides Sweater

The look on my face says it all – I just don’t really get it!! I love the concept on the back, but on the front it looks like a squiggly line down the middle gone ruffled. On me at least, so back it goes.

                        Another failed attempt: the Lucerna Dress

I was so hoping for me and Lucie to blend into each other and become a swirl of pretty, but instead all I got was drab. It’s cute in theory but for Anthro and $60, I’m going to need sparks people!! 

                     Now for the surprisingly special goodies:

The Upsy-Daisy Mug is the perfect addition to this cold season because it makes every cup of cocoa and chai taste that much better!

Why helloooooo Tweedy Leaves Dress, I had no idea you were so flattering in person! It had caught my eye several times at stores but for some reason I had reservations, little did I know the skirt is actual tweed (Duh) so that just spruced up the whole concept, and once on the decision was made- it stays! The colors are just perfect for the fall and winter seasons, I just love those golden/burnt orange hues.
Also, sorry for the yellow-tint in the images, I need to get outside ASAP.


18 thoughts on “What a tweedy surprise!

  1. I just got the Tweedy Leaves dress in the mail today and love it! I know what you mean about the Lucerne dress. I've seen it so flattering on others. On me, it did absolutely nothing. Glad you tried on the sweater. I was tempted to try that, but now seeing it on you…I don't need to.

  2. Dia,You definately made the right choice with the Tweedy Leaves Dress. The last photo of you looks like a portrait. I'm kicking myself for not giving the dress a try. I went for the Perthshire instead. I love Jersey tops. But dresses like the Lucern that drape like that always show even the smallest of rolls on me. Love the cup too.

  3. Jessica- love your mentality because the items that didn't work out totally justified the tweedy dress!Diem- haha, I laughed at your comment about the sweater. The concept was there, but once on, a different story. Glad to hear you got the dress as well, it was a nice surprise!Laura- I agree with you, jersey dresses can definitely be tricky, especially for me when I don't have greater assets to flaunt!!Pamela- aww thanks, it felt pretty on!! And yeah, sale or no sale, if it doesn't work it's not worth it at any amount!

  4. Another one feeling remorse for not buying the Tweedy Leaves Dress…I might have to give a ring over to CS….LOVE it on you! The Lucerne dress is pretty on you, but it looks SO low cut in the front!

  5. Love the Tweedy Leaves Dress on you Dea! I tried it on over the weekend, but I had fit issues – top too big :(Also, I love those lacey tights you're wearing in the photo w/the dress -what are they?

  6. Love the Tweedy Leaves Dress on you Dea! I tried it on over the weekend, but I had fit issues – top too big :(Also, I love those lacey tights you're wearing in the photo w/the dress -what are they?

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