OOTD: lavender meets dark orange

As much as I would have liked to bask in the memories of our fun trip to Boston, I came home to boxes and disarray. We are in the process of moving to a bigger place so while I cannot wait to spread out and make the most of the extra closet space, my excitement must be contained until everything is moved out of the old place and I can figure out where everything goes.

When I got dressed yesterday the goal was to be comfortable, cozy, and cheerful. I like how the colors blended in together and find myself shifting away from bright colors and patterns and more inviting to creams, beige, warm colors.

5 minutes prior I was watching Tyra and ANTM – the results!
anthropologie snowscape tank
anthropologie elodie lily cardigan
anthropologie pilcro cohort corduroys
anthropologie cliffhanger flats

12 thoughts on “OOTD: lavender meets dark orange

  1. Cute cords. And the color works so well with that sweater! Andre wouldn't find any "dreckitude" with this! packing is not fun. what a treat to come home to. Good luck packing!

  2. You make me wish I could make friends with cords – for some reason they always reject me in the fitting room – boo. Love that cardi, it's beautiful on you! Hope the packing will be done soon and you'll be nice and settled in the BIGGER is BETTER place!!!

  3. I love all the feminine colors you styled around the Snowscape Tank. It's such a beautiful tank, but the detail around the neckline drags down for me. Did you have the same issue? If so, how did you solve it?

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