Oh Bianka, Behave!!

The week ended rather quickly, and this seems to be the case whenever things get really busy. I’m counting down the days until this semester is over, my second-to-last. Sure, I enjoy the courses I’m taking and dreaming about the possibilities of what I’ll be doing once all the coursework has been completed, but this little lady is ready to be a full-time working gal and get started on the journey. Coincidentally, while I’m looking ahead for the type of work I want to get involved in, somewhere in the background I contemplate expanding our family of two. I’ve mentioned this before but I swear it’s not all I think about, it just comes up whenever I start daydreaming and attempt to answer that generic question “where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. Next year we’ll be moving and Dr. Love will be starting residency, so in a lot of ways this will be the beginning of real stability. It will be the excuse to decorate our home as an “us”, rather than furniture from my parents’ house mixed in with his old college frames. It is time and I am really looking forward to it.
Finally I was able to debut the Bianka blouse. It had been folded and stuck in the little white bag with red handles and was begging to come out and play. Though I was moments away of pairing it with jeans, belted, I decided to dress it up and pair it with my new shoes attained from this week’s sale. If anyone’s on the fence with these, they’re really really comfortable and definitely go up one size.
anthropologie bianka blouse
anthropologie declarative skirt
atl cranberry tights
anthropologie rensselaer t-straps

15 thoughts on “Oh Bianka, Behave!!

  1. These pics turned out so pretty! One question- when you say "go up one size", do you mean the blouse runs one size too big or one size too small? I've been wanting to pick one up for a few weeks.

  2. I love this outfit! So glad you've finally joined the Bianka club! I would have never thought to put those color tights with it, but it looks great! I wanted those shoes so badly, but I'm on a strict budget right now.

  3. I really relate to your feelings on wanting to be done with grad school and start a full-time job! I'm in my 2nd year of law school and went straight from undergrad, so I'm starting to feel burnt out with school. At least for me, school almost makes me feel like my life is on hold…it's really hard to see all of my peers working while I'm still in school and it sometimes feels like they've started "real life" and I'm still in preparation for real life. I dunno, maybe I just need to get better at balancing school and personal life.

  4. Im still at Junior College and my boyfriend is applying for his PHD. School seems never ending, as always getting harder for me to stay focused. I wish I could be a full time student and not have to work like i do.

  5. You look super pretty in the Bianka Blouse, and I love the shoes on you! Don't apologize for thinking about babies – they are a BIG decision, and of course you imagine what it will be like with them in your future! I am obsessed with whether or not to have #4 – truly, obsessed. Maybe we can be in maternity clothes together one day 😉

  6. The Bianka looks very pretty on you! I snagged on in the purple when it popped back in a 0. It sucked I paid $8.95 in shipping, though.Whenever you do decide to start with the babies, you are going to be one stylish mama/pregnant mama! We had our first when my husband was in his first year of residency. It was a busy year for my husband and he was not around as much as I would have liked. And neither were our family, (we were in PA & our families in FL), but we handled it pretty well. Let's just say that our first born was seriously a mama's boy!Like Jan, I am so debating on a 3rd one. I really would like a girl, but so scared to have one and would LOVE another boy! Besides they have so many clothes I need to pass them to someone!

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