Babergh Sale Success!!!

This dress FINALLY went on sale and I was so nervous about not being able to locate it in my size since it’d been soldout online. Well I’m thanking my lucky stars today because CS service was spot on and helped me locate this pretty number. Sometimes I can’t believe how ridiculously happy I get when locating a hard-to-find Anthro item.
Also, it’s been busy in this little corner. The blog sale was a major success and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Thanks to all who participated and took something away. I’m not done organizing my closet so there’s more to come. Any requests? 😉

9 thoughts on “Babergh Sale Success!!!

  1. CONGRATS!!! Gah, I'm so jealous! I haven't decided yet if I'm going to try and hunt down this pretty dress. I'm so happy for you though, and I can't wait to see it on you. It will be so gorgeous on you! =D

  2. Ladies, thanks so much for the positive feedback! I was on the fence because it's just so pretty and I don't lead a fancy life, but I went with my heart.

  3. Congrats on your score, Dea! I am sitting this one out (patiently waiting for the Snowy Egret, which looked so stunning on you!) Should you decide your Night Blooming dress is not getting enough love, I'd love to take it off it your hands! But since we're the same size, I will just stalk your closet sales 🙂

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