Unusually Preppy

A few updates worth mentioning:

  • my outfit today felt really preppy, and even though I liked how it turned out, it felt a bit outside of my comfort zone
  • for the second time in my life (since becoming a citizen) I voted. It’s a great feeling being able to play a tiny little role in political decision-making and be heard (hopefully!)
  • for the first time this season dr. love and I faced 36-degree weather this morning while heading to the gym. Talk about a rude awakening!
  • I’m thinking of darkening my hair. A few years ago I colored my hair black…really liked it….thinking of bringing it back just for a change.
  • today I found out Anthropologie is offering free shipping for orders over $150. Let the holiday shopping begin! Honestly, I’m glad there’s a limit so that I can be less impulsive and control my shopping urges.
  • tomorrow Erin and I are supposed to run 11 miles. We’re only one week away from the half-marathon and I am secretly thrilled to be one step closer to achieving this goal.
  • friends&family at Forever 21: free shipping over $15. use code ‘friends10’ during 10/29-31
  • without realizing it I’ve spent over 2 hours watching Entourage. It’s surprisingly entertaining..
j.crew plaid button-down, jackie cardi, belle skirt; f21 tights; target taki mary jane pumps

9 thoughts on “Unusually Preppy

  1. Congrats on being able to vote Dea, doesn't that feel great?your outfit is gorgeous, and i don't think it's too preppy at all. You still look like you, if you know what i mean 🙂

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