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I’ve been slacking with my ootd posts, mainly because I’m supposed to be on vacation. Fall Break to be exact, but what’s ended up happening is that instead of classes, I’ve been spending time working. Boo! More funds for Anthro, right 😉

What I have been prancing around in is my new beauties from the online store, Ruche:

Best purchase ever and I cannot recommend them enough! From a price standpoint, they are too adorable at $34, and as for the comfort level- just right. I wore them all day walking the hallways of the hospital and no pain at all- love it when that happens. The heel is just the right amount in my opinion- a small lift to elongate the legs, not tire them! They’re currently sold out but if they come back in stock, definitely go for it. Different people commented on them but one woman in particular was taking notes, jotting down the url address. No shame in finding herself some cute shoes!


6 thoughts on “Shop Ruche

  1. These would be a great replacement for the Anticipation Heels. Hope they come back in stock! How is the sizing? I'm usually an 8.5 or a 9. Should I go up or down?

  2. bonnie- oh yey, aren't they just adorable?sara- great question! I'm usually the same, somewhere btw an 8.5 and 9, but got these in a 9 and they fit perfectly. Good luck finding them!triciathomas- thanks, can't wait to wear them too!!lisa- definitely check them out, Ruche has such a great selection.

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