Every once in a while I become a big baby and miss my parents terribly. There’s nothing in particular that brings on these feelings of nostalgia, perhaps just me wanting to take a break from being an ahem, adult, and needing nurture. While one parent is a 9-hour drive away, the other lives in another continent with a 6-hour difference to be mindful of. Perhaps I’ve been thinking of my parents because in the back of my mind I’ve been pondering whether I’m ready to be a parent myself. Oh gosh, I went there, publicly no less! Well folks, it’s about that time for me, settled in with my lovely, more or less “know” myself, about done with grad school for the last time, and well, I want to be a young-enough parent to where I can still run around and be silly with them. However, the fact still remains that I miss the folks and don’t mind being the only kid for now!

I am bowed out today y’all! It took me about 20 minutes after putting this on to realize the bow placement on both the cardi and the skirt. Good planning, right 😉 By the way, many thanks to all who helped me locate this skirt, I wouldn’t have it without your fancy sleuthing skills.

anthropologie precious materials cardigan
anthropologie mimetic skirt
anthropologie berry bush tights
f21 headband
wanted t-straps

12 thoughts on “Bowlicious

  1. I love this outfit Dea!! You gave me inspiration seeing that cardi tucked into a skirt – I think I'll try it!I'm so sorry you're missing your parents so much. Mine are just a drive away, and I can't imagine them being so far…I'm sorry. Hugs to you 🙂

  2. Aww such a great post. My parents are just 20 minutes away but when I lived away from home I had those days where I missed them so much. I'm also at the same point in life…and thinking about starting a family but like you, I'm used to being the only child and feel that I'm still not grown up enough yet. Hehehe.

  3. After my mom visits, I always get nostalgic and miss her. I love that skirt and can't wait to wear mine. I forgot I gave those tights, too!! I need to dig them out!!

  4. you look beautiful.i love that cardigan. i almost bought it but it fit weird on me..and now seeing you i wish i had.. so pretty!!i totally understand the parent thing..i miss mine daily..they are 6 hrs away from me…i am hoping one day to be closer. xoox

  5. Hi Dea! You look lovely as always. Sorry to hear you are missing your parents. I'm near the same stage in life too – pondering the child question on a constant "when? when?" circle. We keep deciding life is too fun still and rather selfishly want to just enjoy ourselves. But if/when that time comes, we'll be happy. {{{Hugs}}}Hope you cheer up a little soon. xx Vivian @

  6. You and I are in exactly the same boat. I'm at a crossroads in my life where I'm starting to think about popping a few out, yet I can't help feelign like a kid myself at times, especially when I miss my parents so much 😦 When I got married earlier this year, I saw my parents for a week-no-less than a week, after two years of not seeing them at all 😦

  7. You look so pretty and ladylike – I love this outfit on you, Dea!And just because you become a mom, doesn't mean you stop being your parent's baby! You'll always have their warmth and support – probably more visits then ever since they'll want to smooosh all the mini-Dea ;)I know SO many friends who waited to start their families and struggle with conceiving. Don't wait too long, that's my advice!

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