Tuckered Out in the Kitchen

I think I’m a disaster in the kitchen. Scratch that, I know I’m ridiculous in the kitchen. Tonight I took it upon myself to make butternut squash bisque. It sounded fancy to begin with, but what was I thinking? I started peeling the squash and must they curve all over the place, geez, and it’s really hard to cut through, just in case you were in the mood to construct butternut squash cubes. The whole enterprise took 2 hours, including the whole “now pour your soup in the food processor and puree”, when it should have read “oh, and prepare for spillage everywhere” and “wear an apron”.
The result: somewhat tasty, borderline presentable. I’ll just count this as a trial run, so the second time around, this little lady is making official butternut squash soup, but just for the record, this is exactly why I’m scared to have kids.
Thank goodness for my local Target, which came through in the best way possible and saved a lonely dress in my size, just for yours truly. On sale no less! I’m always late to these things, but maybe this was a sign that I didn’t quite miss the train.
tucker for target signature dress in floral print
atl locket
kohl’s tights
wanted boots

15 thoughts on “Tuckered Out in the Kitchen

  1. What a coincidence, Dea! I made a butternut squash lasagna yesterday and am going to use the remainder of the squash in chili tonight. I know…it's a pain to get into but once you've cubed it and actually cooked it, it'so yummy!Love you in the tucker dress!!

  2. You look great in the dress. It's nice that you found one left in your size. You shouldn't be scared with kids. They usually only want mac 'n cheese, grilled cheese or chicken nuggets. At least mine are picky and that's all they really want to eat! 🙂 Butternut squash bisque sounds delish! I should look up a recipe.

  3. Bisque? I'm impressed you even tried – that is so far out of my cooking comfort zone! I love the Tucker Dress on you, it's so easy isn't it? I'm hoping I get lucky and find another print in my size, I wouldn't mind owning two of those puppies!

  4. That dress looks really great on you! I'm wearing my black button-down floral print Tucker for Target dress today (:I'm entirely impressed by your cooking attempt! I made apple pie for the first time and it was super intimidating.

  5. I love the dress too 🙂 With butternut squash, I find that the easiest thing to do is to just cut it in half, put a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on it and insert a couple of garlic cloves in the cavities and cook it face down on parchment paper at 400 for 40 minutes. Then, peeling it is as easy as peeling a ripe avocado! Also, I find ginger and curry to add quite a nice touch to butternut soup 🙂 Maybe you can try that next time you make your bisque… once the onions are translucide, add a bit of ginger and curry and cook for a minute before adding the broth and the squash.

  6. Yum! I love cooking. I'm making a roasted apple and butternut squash soup tonight!!! Some grocery stores have precut squash :)Those dresses are on sale now? That's awesome you were able to get one! It looks wonderful on you!!

  7. Eeeee! Love the dress, and LOVE the color on you. This really does look stunning enough that you can and should feel pretty good about yourself, even in spite of the little kitchen misadventure. Oh and you know what? When I started out, i didn't even know how to make a sunny side up egg. With a little (lot) of practice and help from the internet, now I cook what i consider palatable meals everyday! So take heart ^^And in response to your last comment on my blog, I'm dying to see what creative fall outfit you're going to come up with for my giveaway.<3

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