Peeking Lace

There’s something about wearing a blazer that makes me feel sharp. I’m not sure what it is exactly, but it makes me feel like I’m more put-together somehow. This jacket was bought back in April but I never took it out for a spin until today. I adore the seersucker but even more so paired with the lace peeking out because it softens up the “structured look”. I should wear it more often because it is just too comfortable.

anthropologie peeking lace blazer
anthropologie through-the-clouds tank
f21 jean skinnies
anthropologie toe-tapping flats

10 thoughts on “Peeking Lace

  1. I have this blazer, too. I love the peeking lace and seersucker, too. But I also agree that there's something about it that makes it feel stiffer than I am use to. But it's not a dealbreaker for me, as it obviously isn't for you either 🙂 It looks great with the jeans!

  2. The blazer is adorable and I agree about them adding a chicness factor to any outfit. I love them over tees and slim pants. I especially adore the flowers of the tank peeking through the blazer. You look wonderful.

  3. ooh I love a good blazer that don't make me look bulky and when I tried this on, it looked good but ran a little small on me. I love it on you and it's so hard to find anything that will look bulky on you though! 🙂

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