A well-spent $60 (+tax)

There’s many a reasons why I enjoy Anthropologie, but besides the pretty clothes and fantastic home apparel, I’m thoroughly thankful for their special little treats, like returning items at any time, getting hard-to-locate clothes shipped from other stores, and in this case, the wishlist function available through their website. It’s just the best function ever because it keeps me on track with items that I want to eventually buy or at the least, try on. I personally make many lists per week so having something “listed” just makes me happy.

On my wishlist I really try to be selective, but every once in a while I’ll add something that I wouldn’t mind giving it a go once it hits sale. Such is the story with the following items: the blouse had always appealed but I wasn’t thrilled with its original price; this cardi is lovely because I already own it in its cream version, but the black is just as functional; and the necklace is just a beautiful mix of jewels and stones. Long story short: each of these cuties were $20 a piece, and in this case, it was a great treat and I’ll enjoy each even more. It’s one of those times that I don’t mind paying shipping costs when I’m walking aways with such amazing deals. Thank you wishlist!!

One after another cardi
Tidal ruffles blouse
Stepping stone necklace

14 thoughts on “A well-spent $60 (+tax)

  1. Very cute pieces, and irresistable at those prices! Mine is one of the disappearing wishlists (wah! I didn't even have a lot of items on it!) so now I'll need to rebuild it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Dea hhanks so much for the post! I was able to get that cardi thanks to you. My local store misses markdowns a lot which can be good or bad. There were a bunch of these in the sale room bc they were still marked at $59 dollars. I sometimes feel silly asking them to price check items for me but lots of times the item is much cheaper. Even the SA ringing me up went back to get one when she saw the price.

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