Anthro Reviews: Learning Curve, Snowy Egret Shift, Kindred Spirit, Terrace House Jacket, Easy Keeper, Culmination Blouse

Last weekend I dropped by Anthro to check out the new arrivals and so happy that I went! I tried on a few items that have been on my wishlist for a while. A couple were great, some not so much, and a couple of items surprisingly came home with me!!

Learning Curve Dress – When I first saw this dress online I was sold. Then saw it on the model in the catalog and was even more excited. Then I tried it on and my reality was altered. I sized up to a 2 and it was snug! The tweed material felt really heavy and the bow is ginormous. Loved the concept but the lemon color, big bow, and pencil-skirt silhuette were too much for one dress and I’m not really sure where I’d wear it.

Kindred Spirit Sweaterdress – The softest sweaterknit I’ve come across in a long time. The color is gorgeous and it went on so easily. I tried on an XS and the fit was perfect and hugged all the right places. I wanted to walk out the store with it but had to contain myself because it’s not cold enough to justify its purchase just yet.
Snowy Egret Shift – It didn’t hurt that this dress was on the cover of the October catalog, it sparked an even greater interest when I located it at the store. I grabbed a 0 and the fit was amazing, I was in love! The cream color is perfect for fall and winter with brown tights and boots. The big print is just fab and the sash in the middle- the perfect touch. I just couldn’t resist and succumbed! ο»Ώ
Culmination Blouse – I grabbed a 0 in the blouse and the fit was fine, a touch snug but sizing up wouldn’t have worked. Maybe it was the big ruffle right under my chin that threw me off! It’s definitely cute but the material felt somewhat stiff and the gathering at the wait makes me weary of how to wear it- tucked in a high-waisted skirt is perfection but over pants? Not so sure. I tried it on with both to have a look see.ο»Ώ
Easy Keeper Skirt – I love a good tartan skirt, but this one has the added scallops which just takes it to a whole new level! The colors are fun and bright, the fit is snug and this is a 0, but it might be worth trying a 2 just to see the difference. It didn’t feel itchy on due to the lining and I really really liked it, but again, it’s not cold enough for me to justify the purchase.
Terrace House Jacket – I had to give this jacket a try because it’s always intrigued me due to its unique shape. I tried on a 2 and let me just say it was all kinds of wrong. The open front was a no go, the huge ruffles made me look ridiculous and I don’t think it would effectively work as a jacket and keep me warm. At least I tried!

18 thoughts on “Anthro Reviews: Learning Curve, Snowy Egret Shift, Kindred Spirit, Terrace House Jacket, Easy Keeper, Culmination Blouse

  1. The Snowy Egret Shift fit you perfectly! I'm sad to hear about the Learning Curve dress, but after your review, I think you're right. There's a lot going on!I really want to try the Easy Keeper Skirt. My store had limited sizes so I'm hoping to try it at another store this weekend in Chicago. I love the colors. I agree about the current weather being a deterrant right now, but I think we going to start getting cooler around here so I might be able to justify it πŸ˜‰

  2. I have been intrigued by that jacket and I have to say your review is making me think twice and gave me a bit of a giggle πŸ™‚ I lurrrrve the skirt on you though. Its so flattering and unique. Now if the weather will just make up its mind and stay cool!

  3. sheesh. how is it i can spend 2 hours looking at you in all those outfits and reading your blog when i got really important things i should be doing instead? i'm just some guy out here in the ethers that got drawn in to your blog by accident… and.. and.. i think i got hooked on you. i've already bookmarked you, so it's just a matter of time before i'll probably start telling you how wonderful you look in this skirt.. that blouse.. those shoes… that dress.. aye yi yi. btw.. i think i liked that bright green dress you had on with the roosters.. good color on you. see? you already got me commenting on your clothing… i'm doomed. 😐

  4. I just adore the learning curve dress on you.I've seen it on a few people, but I like it on you the best. Again, i think it's due to your gorgeous tall figure! Im envious..heheCheersJen

  5. l- aww, thanks, I loved the Egret too and that's how it made it home with me!Pamela- The Learning Curve was unique IRL but just felt so thick, I had to step into it and keep hold in my breath! I hope you can try the Easy Keeper skirt soon, it's such a cute piece and think it'd be lovely for those dreary winter days!Lisa- thanks for stopping by! I agree, looking at the pics again is making me rethink the Learning Curve, but I'd have to wait until I'm done w/school before I can wear it!anotherfishinthesea- You're in NC too right? The weather just turned on us I swear! What's up with the 80-degree weather? Yeah, the jacket was definitely one of a kind!!ron- hello and thanks for stopping by! Didn't know guys were reading the blog but hey, there's always a first!!fashion therapist- aww thanks, I do like the dress also.vintageglammz- hehe, I'll take that compliment, but you've got a great figure as well so I'm not alone!! I'm realizing that the Learning Curve worked on me better than I realized!

  6. you wrote, "ron- hello and thanks for stopping by! Didn't know guys were reading the blog but hey, there's always a first!!"————-didn't mean to be.. i just made a wrong turn.. but then maybe saying 'wrong turn' is freudian for making a *right* turn? :)but i think i better tell you… i really was trying to click on some manly link like changing oil on my pickup truck.. or sharpening the 'ole chainsaw.. but i must have goofed and *thats* how i came across your fashion blog. just so you know….but don't worry about me.. i'll just sit here on my little chair way over here in the corner of the room.. i won't bother you.. or disrupt any of your wonderful guests.. no sirree… i'll just sit here minding my own little business… yup… i'll just sit here minding my own business…oh yea… not that i noticed.. but a few months ago you wrote while modeling that little satin skirt, that you *didn't* do sexy?ummmm… i have to did it very well. PLUS, you did it very well again today with that little sweater dress…again.. not that i noticed!:)

  7. Anonymous said…creepy :(11:39 PM——————i had a feeling someone would say something like that.sorry, i won't bother anyone anymore. i was just trying to pay a compliment. my mistake.ron.

  8. What does't look good on you, Dea? Thanks for these reviews. I love the Snowy Egret, too. The 0 was way big on little me, but looks like I missed out on the petites. I wasn't willing to pay that much plus shipping and then find it not fit me. Oh well! :(Can't wait to see the dress styled in an OOTD.

  9. Woooow, the tartan skirt looks AMAZING on you! I too really love the little extra scallop details on it to make it "not just an ordinary tartan skirt." The fit is great on you, too! And the dress you got (the Snowy Egret one) is so lovely… the colors and the pattern are perfection! I can't wait to see how you wear it!

  10. I love the snowy egret on you- so far I've tried the 0 and purchased the 2p, but my narrow shoulders and wide hips make are making sizing painfully tricky with this dress 😦 so sad.

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