Cartography Days

I’m sitting here in front of the computer, staring at the screen because I can’t think of what to write about. Interesting, considering how at different times of the day I think of stories I want to share here, reflections on how life is going, but then the time comes when I feel like blogging and…….nothing. It’s just me in a starting contest with the netbook. Interestingly enough, a similar thing happens when it’s time to get dressed every morning – I stand there in front of my closet and nothing speaks out. I put on a top and in a loss of what to cover my lower region with! Or, I’m running around in tights and shoes because I love how they pair together, but can’t for the life of me figure out what actual clothes to put on! It’s almost a humorous moment if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s 8:00 and I need to catch the bus at 8:15. Meanwhile, at different times in the day I’m inspired by different bloggers and images, and many outfit ideas come to mind, thinking of how I can recreate an outfit so effortlessly with what I already own. So it is, sometimes I don’t always get what I want (though I really really try).

Good thing the Cartography cardigan is here, because it came to the rescue a couple of times when I didn’t know how to clothe myself. Now I understand how versatile this little cardigan is and can really be utilized as a neutral.
These are two different looks I constructed and although they’re in the same family, I like how the cardi provided two unique looks.

For the first outfit, I layered the Cartography cardigan over the Vappu dress because I thought it brought out the blue, then paired it with the Safari belt and they look perfect together! I didn’t think about it before, but when placing them together the giraffes on the belt look like they’re placed on the map.

                               **click on images for a better close-up look

For the second outfit, I paired the cardi with my purple and gray skirt and thought the colors complement each other nicely. This skirt gives me trouble sometimes in finding tops to pair it with, but now it feels more versatile!

Also, I’ve been experimenting with photo-taking because my camera hasn’t been the most consistent in producing good-quality, fun images. Then, Cindi posted about her new iphone and listed some new apps I wasn’t familiar with. Long story short, I found CameraBag and haven’t looked back! The story of my camera is somewhat similar to the Swiffer commercial where the sad broom is left behind because the new and improved Swiffer has taken over!!

Have a great weekend all!


3 thoughts on “Cartography Days

  1. LOVE that sweater.. I had not considered it as I do not look godo in beige..But did not realize it had some bright colors in it an looks so great with both outfits! you look so together in both outfits!!is that an XS?? Barbara

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