Hot Dagmar

Whenever things get really hectic, I wish that I have magical superpowers which transport me to a fabulous getaway, far far from reality. There’s water, sand, and sunshine involved. This semester has got the best of me for sure, and if I can just get to mid-December in one piece, everything will be fine and I’ll enjoy my long winter break. Meanwhile, I’ve really been enjoying the cooler weather and started digging in my tights drawer, giving my dresses a new look. I love dressing for the fall because it’s cool enough for light layers, but not cold enough to where I’m hidden underneath scarves, bulky coats, and thick, bulky knee-socks. 

I’m so glad this dress worked the second time around. I actually wore it on Monday thinking that it would set a precedent for the rest of the week. Silly I know, but Mondays can be so blah sometimes and this dress kept me in high spirits – mission accomplished!

anthropologie dagmar shirtdress, high prairie belt
wanted t-strap mary janes



12 thoughts on “Hot Dagmar

  1. How funny Dea, I also wore my Dagmar today, *also* for the second time this week! Unfortunately it's not quite cold enough for tights — I was so dying to wear it with black boots and a black belt and tights, but I had to settle for some pared down accessories. Anyway, you look lovely in yours 🙂

  2. Do you know there are still a many of these left at the Milwaukee store?!? I wish that red worked for me. I simply adore it with black tights. I also like to dress in something pretty and inspiring on days I know will be rough. At least I can look down at my outfit and smile when I feel line screaming :^)

  3. I'm liking the black with the dagmar. I wasn't sure about it when someone asked but it looks great!! Thanks for the inspiration and I'm loving your photos lately!

  4. This dress was made for you. I love it with the black belt. AS you are enviously tall and slim, you suit the big floral print (as does Cat). It would probably dwarf a person like me!Your photos are very nice too!CheersJen

  5. Dea,The Dagmar seems versatile, easy to style, and a much loved dress among bloggers. I would have loved to have one myself except for a beautiful Silk Leifdottir Shirtdress that resembles the Dagamar. Almost the same colors and with large blooms in the print. Perfect for Autumn, Black tights and Black heels. So I held myself back wisely. I hope I can wear mine soon.You look wonderful. The Magenta color is stunning with your dark hair. I love the added belt.Laura

  6. Nuts! This dress looks lovely on you. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't so sure about the Dagmar dress and it quickly sold out on sale when I decided to give it another shot. Oh well :).

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