Thoughts on Shopping Habits

I’ve enjoyed shopping for clothes ever since I could earn my own money. I have memories of going to the mall with my best friend beelining straight for Wet Seal. My babysitting earnings weren’t much, but a little cash in my pocket gave me a sense of freedom, being able to pick out and buy what I wanted to wear. The selections weren’t always quality or the most hip, but they made me happy and I was developing my style!!

As I got older I was earning more but looking for a good deal has always been a part of the shopping process. Throughout college I shopped all over: Express, Gap, Delia’s, TJ Maxx, Ross, American Eagle, J Crew (always on sale). I’ve always loved clothes and expressing myself with them, but was always told not to spend a lot, and since I went through clothes/styles so quickly, it was definitely for the best. After graduate school I got my first job at a non-profit so the work attire was casual, but I always like to take it up a notch so started incorporating Ann Taylor LOFT and Banana Republic into my repertoire, with a couple of Anthro pieces sprinkled in. It felt nice to dress up and look a bit more put together, leaving the AE-wearing days behind.

Then my life course changed and a little over a year ago we moved to where we live now. It was then that I really started paying more attention to what I wanted to wear and what felt like me, rather than what the environment called for. Coincidentally, that was right around the time when Anthro stepped in and has since dominated my closet. It definitely helped that an Anthro store was 20 minutes away, the first time I had access to walk in and explore everything in person. So what has changed since? Well, I’ve basically changed how and where I shop. I’m no longer able to peruse through stores like Ross or TJ because I can’t seem to concentrate or find anything, and most times BR and Gap designs look familiar, like I keep seeing the same thing over and over.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that the majority of what’s stored in my closet and dressers originates from Anthro, as well as some J Crew and a few lingering pieces from ATL. I don’t go to many stores anymore, just Anthro and J Crew, so the rest is usually online. Maybe it’s due to where I am with myself- I’m less likely to reach for trendy pieces and reach for quality and unique pieces instead. Dea pieces dare I say! When it comes to paying at Anthro I definitely do the majority of my buying on sale, because eventually everything makes it to sale (usually). Lately, I’ve bought a few items full price because the quality was worth it, I couldn’t wait to wear it, knew I’d wear it loads, and the value (and funds) were there.

In conclusion, I’m happy with where I’m at. Even though I feel really silly sometimes spending so much time thinking about clothes and shopping, I enjoy expressing myself and glad to have a place that can provide me one of the many little pleasures in life. Thanks Anthro!!

OOTD: anthropologie curated tee, world over cargos, necklace, safari guides bag; pink studio junnet peep toe wedges


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Shopping Habits

  1. Love those cute new shoes! I enjoyed reading about the shifts in your shopping style too – I love Anthro for the same reason – finding pieces that just feel like me, it's such a happy thing!

  2. I think it does have to do with growing up and changing/maturing/adapting to different lifestyles. I'm in a similar position as you – from beginning to now! I have such a hard time concentrating at places I used to frequent, like Ross and TJM. I still venture into Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx regularly, but I've found myself buying online a lot more, and paying full price *gasp* on things I REALLY want and know will work well in my wardrobe. Love the shoes btw!xx Vivian @

  3. Count me in a shoe fan too!!I've shopped Jcrew and Anthro since college. I use to be a big Express and Limited shopper, too. Like when it was Limited Express and their only line was Forenza. I remember my first Forenza sweater. I was in 7 th grade, it was turquoise V neck cable knit and we would wear it backwards!! I think it was $40 and was the absolute most expensive clothing item my parents ever bought me. I've always been a Marshall Fields gal and was sad when they sold to Macys. We shopped at Fields since I could remember. Today, I still shop TJMaxx on occasion but like you, find my closet filled with pieces that I love, not just take up space.

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