Fall Temptations

Even though I should probably be reading for class, I can’t help myself and am all over the new arrivals at Anthropologie. The weather has finally changed for the better around these parts and I am thoroughly enjoying the cool breeze. Didn’t realize how much I missed this season and I swear all I keep thinking about is when I’ll be able to wear dresses, tights, and boots. The following would just be perfect for the next couple of months, perfect!!

This dress is so fitting for the fall, I just love the rusty color and the bits of ruffles on the edges are the perfect touch to make this simple dress stand out. I’m really digging that it’s fitted at the waist and perfect to throw a belt over. Please please be at my store!
There’s something really special about this dress- I can’t exactly find the words but it feels like such a statement piece. The print is bold and the neutral background really draws me in. I know the reviews online haven’t been too favorable based on its shape, but I saw it on an SA and it looked marvelous on her. Here’s hoping it will work for me as well.

I’m intrigued by this dress due to the details on the blouse. The beaded appliques look great from where I’m sitting, just hoping it delivers IRL. I feel like this dress would provide endless possibilities topped with cardigans, belted, layering a tee under…and the tweed skirt with pockets just adds to my excitement.
Daydreaming of pretty dresses always wins over homework. It’s been confirmed – I’ve got to make a trip to my local b&m!

6 thoughts on “Fall Temptations

  1. love the sweater dress too! pretty color and fit. i have to stalk in the stores now!I saw the beadings on the Harbingers of Fall dress in store recently and I thought it's pretty irl. The feel of the silk is also different from Tabitha's previous dresses which I also like πŸ™‚

  2. I love the colour of the first dress and I think it'll look fantastic on you (and me!), not so keen on the others, but I i will have to see it on you – it might change my mind then!ThanksJen

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