Saturday morning advice

Hi guys, how are you? I feel so distant from the blogging world and miss taking the time to write down anything and everything that floats through my mind. It’s been a great Saturday morning so far and we were able to make an early trip to the farmer’s market. I picked up some cherry tomatoes for a salad recipe I found in InStyle magazine of all places, and got a baby watermelon for myself since Dr. Love prefers not to participate in the juicy goodness. Butternut squash also made it in the basket because I’ve been in the mood to make some soup. It sounds so domestic with all this cooking but I’m determined to create yummy food at home. I’ve been sitting here at a neighborhood cafe for the past couple of hours working on some homework and taking in the sunshine.

anthropologie attic treasures tank 
h&m earrings from finland
The other weekend when I picked up my newly-acquired Dagmar Shirtdress, I decided to try on the Doubly Adorned Dress on a whim. It looked beautiful on the catalog but I wasn’t sure how it would translate IRL. I picked up a size 2 just in case the hips couldn’t shimmy their way into a 0, and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked its narrow cut. The button detail is really cute and I like the side bow. It’s the perfect mix of menswear with lady flair. I thought about it for a while on whether I should take it home but ended up leaving it behind since the Dagmar was already in-hand. Now I’m still thinking about it but not certain – so what do you guys think? Should I go for it and start creating outfits involving cardis and t-strap heels or should I sit this one out?

12 thoughts on “Saturday morning advice

  1. You look so pretty in the first pic Dea. And I also passed on the doubly adorned dress but it does look good on you. I'm just not a fan of strapless dresses because it seems like I'm always fussing with them when I wear them.

  2. Dea,you look stunning in that opening photo – those earrings were made for you!I think you should start creating outfits around the Doubly Adorned dress, immediately if you can! It fits you really well, and I bet there's so many ways you can wear it!CheersJen

  3. That is a definate yes on the Doubly Adorned Dress. It fits you perfect. And I have seen so many Ladies wearing it every which way. Super cute on it's own, or with a little top worn underneath, or a Cardi over top. Dressed down in Summer with strappy sandals, or with boots for Fall/Winter. Sadly, I have it Wish Listed, but can't find the dinero right now. Boohoo! Hopefully it will stick around until next payday.Laura

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