Anthro Fitting Room

It’s been a marvelous Saturday. We took a long walk to the farmer’s market and then to a local market to pick up breakfast. For $10 I came home with a bag of basil, eggplant, squash, Yukon gold and sweet potatoes. I think for dinner a veggie pasta is on the menu with all these little fresh ingredients. The weather was wonderful- a steady breeze that excited me with the possibility of an early start to Fall. Now I’m sipping on a homemade smoothie and enjoying the peace that surrounds me.

What’s a girl to do when she’s got to get a headstart on her homework? Why check out Anthropologie on a Friday night, of course!! I made the trip due to ordering the rational ruffles tee before free shipping ended but had to return it because the fit was all wrong, especially those darn cap-sleeves! I asked the SA about the southward stop shirtdress and was able to find one in my size to try on. It hadn’t crossed my mind before but seeing it on all the bloggers peaked my curiosity.

I get what all the hype was about! I took my usual size 0 and the first thing to say about the dress is that its feel is fantastic. Absolutely soft and very comfortable on – a must for the late fall/winter time when you’re layering. I loved its subdued lavender and the little detail of the fabric near the pockets. The print reminds me of the deer in our backyard. Super-wishlisted and it’s been on my mind ever since.
Ambivalently I tried on the ruffled plaid dress next because even though upon first inspection it didn’t stand out much, I thought it had potential. Well, not so much in my opinion. It was itchy for one thing, to the point where it was all I could think about. Second, it just didn’t feel really special on, somewhat plain. I tried on the size 2 but think I had room to go down a size, notice the 3rd picture. It just felt overly roomy in the chest area and it felt uncomfortable with all that extra space. Back to the rack it went.
Then I found two cardigans in the sale section that grabbed my attention and I like them both but don’t know if they have enough potential to maintain versatility through the next two seasons. Any input is much appreciated! I’m really trying to be pickier with my purchases and consciously envisioning outfits in my mind to justify any long-term commitment.
They’re on totally different ends of the spectrum but each can provide unique looks. The first one is the Duchesse Cardigan and the second I’ll call the Duckies Galore Cardigan. The Duchesse is very delicate and I love its lace hem at the bottom, while the Duckie is perfect for those lazy weekends and I see it paired with skinnies tucked in boots. What to do what to do!

11 thoughts on “Anthro Fitting Room

  1. My vote is for Cardi #1 because it is perfect for your J.Crew pieces and will look great over pencil skirts and jeans as well. It can be both dressy and casual but Cardi #2 is only casual.

  2. I think that ruffled plaid dress is gorgeous!!!!What a dreamy,lovely way to spend a Saturday…you painted such a wonderful picture of it that you had me there mentally with you…In reality I was standing on a soccer field for most of the day listening to screaming coaches.Ah….peace and serenity….is it only in the NC?

  3. love that dress..but the duchesse cardi color could be improved..of course hard to tell from the photo..but you have wonderful coloring and it seemed to not to live up to your usual standard. but the style is cute.barbara

  4. The Duchess cardigan looks a bit too casual (a bit faded looking in person I thought), but the Mallard Bay Cardigan could be worn with a cute little skirt and has multiple styling possibilities. It's a well-made, really classic Anthro piece that could be very versatile, more so in the long run than the Duchess I think.

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