Licorice Lanes

Waiting around sometimes pays off. Not always, but there are moments when it’s worthwhile, and you end up enjoying what you waited for even more!

This is the story of yours truly waiting for wishlisted Anthro items to make it to sale. For a while I’ve been thinking about how to be wiser with my purchases, be conscientious of some form of budget, and remember that clothes are not everything and I don’t need something RIGHT NOW!! Sometimes the wait is worthwhile because it helps determine whether I really like something, and by the time it goes on sale there are times when I’m no longer invested and have moved on to another pretty. There are moments when it takes me real actual effort to remember that it’s just material possessions and that there’s more to life than clothes. Yes they make me smile, but I have so many other interests that more cleverly define who I am.

Sorry for the rant, just some thoughts that have been ruminating in my mind.

anthropologie feathery tank
anthropologie licorice lanes skirt
unlisted wedges

11 thoughts on “Licorice Lanes

  1. What an adorable outfit! The skirt was worth the wait. I definitely have to force patience onto myself and remember that sometimes the thrill of newness can influence my desires negatively. The wishlist is both helpful and harmful in that respect. Once I wishlist something, I have additional time to mull over whether I truly want it. But in a way it also feels like a commitment or unofficial possession. The commitment aspect of wishlisting can also make me purchase rashly. (in a related ramble…)

  2. Hi Dea! THe skirt looks great on you!!! I ordered it last week still waiting for it. Vivian- I saw 2 in my store in merrick park ( One was a size 0 ) in coral gables if you are still interested. 305-443-0021

  3. I so agree with you. there are so many things that when I first see them, I obesess over them. then as time goes by and I start obsessing about something newer and have totally forgot my first obsession. I realize something is very wrong with this picture. If I like something new I wait. I sleep on it. I think of how it will work for me and if I have something like it already, many times I usually do!That skirt is so cute. While I would have loved to buy it, I weighed the pros and cons and ended up buying something different that works better in my wardrobe for me. Still, seeing it on you makes me smile because it's such a darn cute skirt and you wear it so well!

  4. I'm a huge proponent of the wait and see. Most of the time, I realize I don't love something six weeks down the road or that I don't need it in my life. That approach definitely keeps my spending relatively reasonable and my closet manageable. This skirt is super cute on you! I like the neutral on top. Very cute!! Have a fun weekend!

  5. I love that skirt it's beautiful on you!! I feel the same way, waiting brings a sense of satisfaction when you finally get it. If you wait for a sale then I always feel like I am so great at staying on budget!

  6. I really love the skirt! I tried it on a long time ago and though it was longer on me, I still loved it. When it finally went on sale, it was so hard not to pull the trigger. I have plenty of skirts that I haven't worn yet. I still may get it (bad, bad me) if I run into it somewhere (which I hope I do). You look lovely in it! Have a great weekend.

  7. Again same question from me Dea:Did you get a size 0 or 2? I only found the 0 in my store today…and I grabbed it since I don't find another 2.It's sitting a bit higher on waist…but it's so cute I don't want to give it up.

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