Junnet Peep Toes

It’s been quite the weekend, driving down to Florida once again. The worst part is the journey and being stuck in a car for 8 hours, but once I’m home it’s all worthwhile. Seeing my parents, having home-cooked meals and being away from every-day responsibilities were the main ingredients of an enjoyable long weekend.

When we got back, these little pretties were waiting for me:

I debated and debated on whether to get them, noting that I already own too many shoes and how I need for fall to get here before prematurely purchasing yet another pair of pretties…..and then I just clicked and clicked away because I wasn’t sure if they’d still be available in my size once my mind was made up. They’re officially called Pink Studio Junnet Peep Toe Wedges from Ruche. This was my first shoe purchase from them so was initially worried about which size to get since I’d have to pay for shipping if I over/under estimated on the sizing. I fluctuate between an 8.5 and 9, but since they are peep toes I didn’t want them to run big and risk my toes sticking out everytime I took a step, so I went with the smaller size and it’s the perfect fit! I’ve been watching Mad Men a lot lately, catching up through Netflix, and they take me back to that time of pencil skirts and shirtdresses. They’re really comfortable on, the detailing is great, and though I’ll mainly wear them with tights, they’ll go great sans as well. I went back to the site for the link info and noticed the pricing went up by about $30 from when I purchased them – Ouch!!

13 thoughts on “Junnet Peep Toes

  1. I love the Buds and Bunches Belt. I need to find more stuff to wear mine with.Who is Dr. Love? Your BF?So do you get embarassed when returning stuff to your local store?I just pop as much as possible into a box for $5.95 and return to online.Laura

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