Hello Anthro Sale!

I don’t know about you gals but I LOVE me a good sale. Just something about locating something that’s pretty, in my size, and marked down from it’s original ridiculous price that sends me straight to the moon! Of course, I was never this nutso about sales until I came across Anthropologie and its usual bi-weekly sale schedule. Before, if I bought something on sale from the store it just happened to be luck, and no-way no-how did I know the brand or name of what the item was called. Nowadays, I’m spitting out “catmint dress” and “loosely looped tee” like it’s nobody’s business. Something has to be said about this devotion… errr… obsession… compulsion is more like it!

So today marked a historic sale day in Anthroland, a bountiful of goodies new and old. My favorite part of Anthro’s sale is the second-cut list, where items are marked down a second time just because, or because they need to move on through and make room for another heart-palpitating, frilly wonder. That’s all right with me because there are certain pieces that I wont move forward and establish a “meet-and-greet” unless the price is more favorable. Disclaimer: this does in no way/shape/form indicate that I haven’t forked over some dough for items probably not worthy of their price tag, but when the heart wants what it wants…I give and I give….

Picks of the day:
Even though I’ve never been on a safari, this belt gives the illusion of someone who’s wrestled wild goats and owns hiking boots 😉
Is it wrong of me to have picked out this dress solely due to its name? The honest truth is that I bought it when it first hit sale, but then returned it b/c I didn’t need it. Now it’s too pretty (and cheap for Anthro) not to need….
Yes, I know, I already have the coral version safely tucked away in the closet, but when I discovered this dress had been marked down yet again, it hit me that I would need its lavender sister for the fall, that way I’m covered in Tiny Windows all year-round!
This is the only item that literally transferred itself (transformer style) from the wishlist to the shopping bag. I had wanted this from its inception (on the site of course) and today is one step closer to us being together. And going on dates. Shopping. Getting some tea. Perhaps a cupcake later on..

Do tell, how was sale shopping for you today? I can’t be the only one around here making up stories for clothes and accessories….


14 thoughts on “Hello Anthro Sale!

  1. I just love this post, Dea!! So fun!! I'm so glad you picked up the satchel you've been wanting!!I haven't gotten anything yet today, but I did call our store and they have the Sweet Biscuit Tee and the Cream Confection jacket in for me to try on tomorrow! Woo!! The 'Slouchy Tee' will be there next week and I want to try that, too. It's so funny you say that about knowing the names of clothing now…I was on the hunt for the name of a sweater I got last year yesterday. I finally found it after probably an hour of research on anthro blogs, haha!!ps – Your mention of a cupcake has me wanting one! 🙂

  2. Your first paragraph is totally me. Not till I discovered all this blog stuff earlier this year did I actually start remembering the names of the clothing. Now, my sister laughs at me and is amazed I can spit out the names when I call her from the store so she can google an item to see if she wants it. Obsession and addiction is what my husband labels it.Looks like you made out pretty good with the sale. I think I got more 2nd/3rd cuts today than anything. Right now I'm debating the City Safari belt and the Knotted Satchel. I did get the fish purse (ha, I don't know the name!) since I've been rolling with Anthro's quirky things lately (typewriter, clocks, frogs). We've all got till Monday to decide last minute wants before free shipping ends. 😦

  3. Those are some lovely picks Dea! I almost snatched up the City Safari this morning but unfortunately (fortunately?) it ran out too quickly for me to buy! And that Knotted Satchel is just darling. I have been eyeing it for months! If I wasn't saving up for another big bag purchase, it so would have been mine!

  4. Dea,I keep seeing the City Safari Belt everywhere. Does this mean I should get one? Is my future to be in belts? Because I am still having trouble making them work for me.And I only have 3 Anthro belts in my closet. A very poor line-up of choices. Loving the Satchel. Does everyone have a Tiny Windows but me? I don't think I have seen it on you yet.Laura

  5. I am trying my hardest not to order that purse – it's SO CUTE, but now I can't use it until next year, and I'm kind of an instant gratification girl. I'm also sitting on my hands to keep from dialing CS about the Tiny Windows Dress, if I didn't want it full price or on first cut…why is it so much harder to resist for $30!!!

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