Night-time Rumba

This is what happens when we wait too long to take pictures, but to my defense, dinner consisted of a tuna steak mediterranean salad and it was too good to interrupt. This outfit looked a tad bit familiar this morning, and later realized that when I tried on this skirt at the store I had the same top and shoes. So predictable Dea!

guess which dork got their catalog in the mail!
anthropologie buds & bunches tee
anthropologie rah-rah rumba skirt
anthropologie snakebite belt
target necklace
uo sandals

11 thoughts on “Night-time Rumba

  1. love the outfit! And if you're a dork, than so am i! I have benn rummaging through the mail daily to see where mine is… still not here though 😦 maybe today though, since i'm only one state away from you?!

  2. I just realized my Orange Dreaming in Stitches Booties by Everybody are in your Anthro Menagerie Blog Image.Lights help! So does a flash. Goodness gracious Dea, you look fantastic in the night light. I have that top in Ivory and Orange. Think I have worn the Ivory once. The top is too YOUNG for me. Can't send them back. Whaaaaaa! Had to take the extra long straps up on both.I got my catalog Monday!Anthro Sister Love, Laura

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