Majorelle Shift

Isn’t life grand when you had your eye on something for some time years ago, and then it pops back out of the blue, and at a great price? So is my life when it comes to Ebay. Every once in a while, I stumble on an Anthro piece I’d been eyeing for a while and then BAM! not only does it appear in my size, but also at a great price! Imagine my surprise when I found the Majorelle Shift about a month ago in my size. I had wanted to get it at full price but then always held back, and then lost track once it went on sale. Quickly I bid on it and then won, and patiently waited for it get here. When the package arrived (favorite time of the day by the way) I ripped right into it, unfolded the dress, and then got surprised once again. A stain. Huh? Not cool since it definitely was not mentioned in the listing. After some back and forth correspondence with the seller, I got a discount to make up for the surprise and promptly took it to the dry cleaner’s but the stain is stubborn and still didn’t go away. What to do now? I decided to live with it and will try some special concoction to potentially create a miracle and make it disappear. In the meantime, here I am wearing it out and about, stain and all. Moral of the story: dreams do come true, but not always the way you imagined it 🙂

anthropologie majorelle shift
anthropologie breccia necklace
(anthropologie) everybody sweet-wrap sandals

7 thoughts on “Majorelle Shift

  1. Wow! Who's going to see the stain. You look great in the dress. First question.Did the dress belong to the eBay member you purchased it from? If so, I suggest asking if they know what the stain is. Then you can look up on line the best way to treat the stain. Every stain is different. You get the best results if you know what it is. You could also purchase Dryel. It's a home dry cleaning kit for your cloths dryer. Try using the stain solvent that comes with it yourself. Just because the Dry Cleaner didn't get the stain out, doesn't mean it's impossible. The kit comes with absorbant wafers and a stain solution. You blot the stain off on the front of the fabric using the wafers on the back. I assume it isn't machine wash. Regardless you can still try some liguid Tide. Dilute equal parts water with Tide. Let it sit for a few hours. Then gently work more diluted Tide into the stain with a soft toothbrush. Lucky you the base fabric is ivory or white. Let it sit for another day and just rinse out the area if it's not machine washable. If it's washable, just don't put it in the dryer until you are sure the stain is gone. That will set the stain even more.I carry a Tide Stain Stick with me all the time. If I get something on my clothing I immediatly apply and wash the article as soon as possible. Never fails! You might even give that a try.Good luck! Keep us posted on the outcome.

  2. Hi!Dea, one of the reasons that I like your blog so much is that you sprinkle little bits of wisdom throughout. Yes, dreams do come true, but often not the way you want. Who knew that fashion could teach us so much about life? I also appreciate GeolnCalifornia's stain tips – very helpful. ebe

  3. i have an awesome stain tip for carpets and upholstry that will never let you down – BUT i'm not as good with clothing stains, sadly 😦 sometimes if i have something with a stain, it will eventually come out with multiple washings. i actaually have a j.crew skirt that was stained with grease for a solid month, but the more i washed it, the lighter the stain got, and not it's completely gone! woot!i hope you can figure it out. The dress looks beautiful on you!

  4. AWW, I am no good with stains 😦 You look gorgeous though!xo Lynzyhttp://fromskirtstoskillets.blogspot.comDon't forget to enter my giveaway!

  5. That's really too bad that they didn't list the item propery! BUT, excited for you that you found your dress!! You look great in it! It's really pretty! =)

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