Final Reviews

I promise I’m almost done with sharing what I tried on over the weekend. It’s always nice bringing in a bunch of items in the dressing room, but after a few outfit changes I have no more energy and ready to get out! 

The last two fall pieces I tried on where the Firehouse Cardigan and the In the Tree Skirt (not online yet). Can I just say that they both won me over and  believe I love them equally. The cardi fit great in my usual XS and felt really comfortable due to the mix of wool/cotton/nylon. The only thing to look out for is that it’s sheer in the middle, which is why I couldn’t show you a full view and disclose my undergarment. As for the skirt, I tried on the 0 which fit okay, but I’d like to try the 2 just to see the difference b/c I might need a little more room for tights during the winter. The detailing is definitely unique and I feel like it’s a statement piece that wont just blend in – don’t try to wear this too often b/c people will remember!

 I have seen this dress on many a bloggers and have been intrigued for a while. The teacups overload seemed a bit much but what the heck, I trust Anthro with their styling…most of the time! Once on, I felt like I needed to take myself to a place that serves what else (tea) and petite cucumber sandwiches with the crust taken off. Too much? Well that’s how the dress felt, a little bit…too sweet. Can there be such a thing I ask? Perhaps, but I think it had to do with the fact that it’s silk so it gives the appearance of extra fancy. The plus side? the pockets and perfect length right at the knee. Size 0 here for reference.

And finally, I must officially be the last person to have tried on the Beda but to let out the truth, I just didn’t see the magic and appeal since it seemed like another shirtdress, and frankly, I’m fully stocked in that department! I found a size 2 so decided to give it a chance. Once on, I definitely understood what all the buzz was about. It’s so comfortable, very flattering and fun with its full skirt, and the material is heavenly soft- perfect for summer. For a moment I thought of tracking it down in a 0, but I should probably sit this one out and save the spare change for fall pretties. 

The pretty brown necklace you see there is my latest win from Pamela’s giveaway. The Drifting Rings Necklace is on super-sale and a steal at $10. I love how it goes with the white Beda, the brown strapless J Crew dress I was wearing, and really so much more! Thank you Pam for a lovely gift!


8 thoughts on “Final Reviews

  1. Love the teacup dress. I was iffy about it at first, looking a bit too cutesy on the website, but everyone seems to look great in it! I agree about the bird skirt, it would be something that you could not wear too often unfortunately, but lovely still.

  2. You look simply wonderful in the Beda!! Really. Really wonderful. I love all the little details to the dress. At first glance, it looks like a standard issue shirtdress, but it's actually quite special. I understand about saving for fall though. I started saving about six weeks ago 😉

  3. you look so wonderful in everything you try on!! Thanx to YOU the Beda you tried on in 2 is on the way to ME..on sale..with b'day discount! YAY! AND on the way over to Anthro I met Carol from In Pursuit….and got to meet her..what a doll she is!love ya!!

  4. You are so pretty in everything you tried! I feel like I should hold off buying any more summer pieces too…but once they hit sale, I'm sure I'll feel weak all over again.

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