Mixing Patterns

Happy Sale day everyone!! It was a small one, but reasonable nonetheless. I’m not certain if I’m a fan of the small, weekly sales, or if I think the twice a month hits are more manageable. On the one hand, having a little every week and not really knowing what will come through is nice, and yet it keeps me on my toes and brings temptation close more frequently. Perhaps I’m just making excuses and instead just need to stay away from shopping sales altogether! So with that aside, I took a chance and ordered the Splendid Celebration skirt although I’ve never tried it on before and not certain that I’ve even seen it in person. I like the concept and it IS a full skirt…

Today’s weather was a little less hot than usual so I was able to you know, cover my arms and not feel like I would melt. Again with the no photographer and it’s kind of cramping my style. Taking pictures on my own is challenging and not as flattering 😦
h&m top
anthropologie do-si-do skirt
gap flats

20 thoughts on “Mixing Patterns

  1. OMG! I just read an article in my new InStyle and it's all about mixing patterns-the newest trend in fashion! You did it PERFECTLY!Same color palate, one pattern stronger than the other, I love it!! Everytime I see lovely full skirt like the Splendid Celebration Skirt I think of you. You always look wonderful in them! I'm sure this one will be no different!Have a great night.

  2. Your OOTD looks great together! You're totally rockin the mixed patterns! You'll probably look awesome in the Splendid Celebration skirt because you're so tall and model-like and I don't think I've seen you look bad in anything! πŸ™‚

  3. Pamela- awww, thanks so much for the sweet compliment!! I recently got my InStyle and need to find that article1 Whew – glad I got the pattern mixing right :)Gemma- thanks so much for the compliment, blushing over here! Let me tell you though, there's definitely things that I don't look good in- I just don't post them!!!

  4. Okay… my do-si-do is officially on my to-wear list for the week. The stripes and the plaid are a great combo. Btw… I think you're self portraits are awesome! It took me forever to get my self-timer thing to work πŸ™‚

  5. Part of why I slacked and only took mirror photos for so long was the challenge of self photos. My partner is the worst at taking full body photos so I can't rely on him.I love how you've mixed patterns. Since that Anthropologie email way back I've tried to execute a few pattern mixing looks with varying degrees of success but I love this one because the patterns are so classic (stripes and plaids).

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