Alena On-A-Wing

A quickie post for tonight since I’m trying to head to bed at a reasonable hour and wake up for an early run. It’s been so hot that I can’t manage much after 8am!

I love both of these pieces, and then it finally hit me to pair them together. People kept thinking it was a dress – mission accomplished.

anthropologie on-a-wing blouse
anthropologie alena skirt
anthropologie toe-tapping flats

22 thoughts on “Alena On-A-Wing

  1. um… how do you manage to look this amazing on a daily basis?! i so look forward to your ootd's – they're really quite inspiring. you always look chic, yet so relaxed and comfortable. GORGEOUS.

  2. aimee- oh wow, that is such a nice compliment, I'm blushing over here! I know how you feel because there are many bloggers out there that inspire me daily.ady- thanks, they're complimentary to each other.courtnee- aww, thanks!chrissy- this top is just so so unique and I hope that by some miracle you'll come across it!kim- yah, they definitely flow together quite well. Thanks for the sweet words!tien- yes, I definitely got the shoes and your gorgeous ootds with them pushed me over the edge. Copy away!!honeysuckle- blushtones were never a part of my wardrobe, until that is, Anthro came into my life!cat- thanks so much. It's definitely got a romantic feel to it.cindi- hehehe, I'm such the enabler! However, skirts and dresses rock so happy to 'help'!!jessica- hehe, I agree with you. It gives both pieces a new life when seen as a dress.pamela- thanks!Definitely floaty indeed, perfect for the hotness!

  3. OMG, you made me look on Ebay for this top! Ahhh…dont need, but really want. It's funny how seeing an item on someone can make you go nuts. K

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