Twinkle Twinkle

Today I made a trip to DSW in order to return a pair of shoes that were specifically purchased due to this post from Jan. I was really looking for the yellow pair but they were sold out and I thought it could satisfy my appetite by getting the white version. Of course it didn’t work out because they didn’t hit the spot like the original pair I wanted. Wondering around hoping to find some kind of connection, I come across an elderly woman who’s standing by the sale section and pointing at the shoes says to me, “You can look at them two or three times over but they’re not going to get any prettier!” I laughed out loud wondering how I had stepped into this situation. Honesty can be so hilarious sometimes…
In a Twinkling Dress, it really caught me by surprise. When the dress first appeared on the website I was enamored, I’ll give you that, but didn’t think it was anything special, what, with its little gold circles on a somewhat simple cream dress. But then the dress went on sale, and something inside told me to give it a chance (many thanks to free shipping this summer). It arrived and I was skeptical simply because I was probably fighting my excitement over its prettiness. However, once I put it on, I realized the battle had been lost and the dress won, you pretty little thing. To be honest, it does feel a bit itchy when I rub my hands on it, but when I put it on it just feels great and the metallic dots really do sparkle in the sunlight!
and for the shoe lovers..
anthropologie in a twinkling dress
anthropologie looping lanes belt
anthropologie breccia necklace
anthropologie sweet wrap sandals (via endless)

29 thoughts on “Twinkle Twinkle

  1. umm… and the dress looks gorgeous on you. and those sweet wrap sandals just bring the whole look together and make it looks so "dea"! :)love the old lady story too – made me laugh! funny how the older you get, the more honest you become. but it makes me fear for those around me when i'm old. i'm already a pretty blunt person as it is. oye vey…

  2. Does anything ever not look good on you? Haha, I just love that dress on you. Now I want it…seriously. It fits you so well. Ahhh…prettttyyy.

  3. I'm sorry the white shoes weren't able to fill the void. That is hilarious about the woman commenting on the sale shoes at DSW! I was so happy with my yellow pair that I made a trip to the store to see what other goodies I might find and left empty handed.Loving you in the twinkle dress, you look beautiful!

  4. I have this dress too. I actually have yet to wear it, but it is one of my items in my 30 items in 30 days challenge, so I expect to wear it quite a bit this month.You look great in it!

  5. You look lovely in this dress Dea, especially with your gorgeous tan! Gotta love those sweetwrap sandals, I can't stop wearing my yellow pair. 🙂

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