Wow, I can’t believe it’s July already. This feeling has been reoccurring for a while, where a new month cranks out and I’m here feeling like I just brought in the new year. Anyone else feel this way? Definitely gets me to think about how important it is to make the most of each day. Perhaps this rush in time is due to how busy life has been and there’s still so many things that I want to do for the remainder of the summer. There’s still time, right?

This is what I wore the last two days. On Tuesday I put on one of my favorite summer dresses. I found at a Zara in Helsinki during my time in Finland. This was five years ago and at that time I only knew Zara to be an international store, so imagine my surprise when I found it in NYC a couple of years later! All this time I thought it was one of the few chain stores that exist in Europe. It’s been a great place for staple pieces, and at times unique beauties like this dress.

On Wednesday I needed to wear shoes, so what better way to balance things out then by wearing this new cutie. Confession time: I was a bit apprehensive about this skirt due to it’s “crooked” style. Umm, how come the buttons go there? Shouldn’t they be going down the middle in a streamline fashion? So when it went on sale I told myself that I make the rules around here and the buttons go where I want them to go! And so you have it, I’m now wearing the skirt the “right way”.
check out that fluff action peeking out from underneath!
banana republic blouse
anthropologie weave-the-ring skirt
naturalizer slingbacks

22 thoughts on “Weave-The-Ring

  1. I wore my Weave-the-Ring skirt today too! And lol, I love how you bossed yours around. I wore mine askew and then quickly rotated it around into the "right" orientation when it wasn't looking πŸ˜‰ The polka-dotted blouse with it is great btw Dea πŸ™‚

  2. I actually passed on this skirt because I didn't like where the buttons were! I never thought to boss it around and wear it how it was supposed to be worn. LOL!

  3. That sundress is beautiful!! I also love that skirt, it's unique and cute! I love how you decide where the buttons go! I also feel like the summer is going by way too fast!

  4. Great skirt for a hot summer's day. I liked how you turned the buttons towards the middle. I think that was the reason why it deterred me from trying it on in the first place. Hehe but I didn't realize it was an easy fix to just TURN the skirt. Duh!

  5. I love the shirt you paired with the skirt. I never would have thought of that. Now you're kind of making me wish I had gotten that skirt! πŸ™‚

  6. It literally pains me that the Weave the Ring Skirt was too long for me – it's such a CUTE piece, with school girl charm, I LOVE it! You look darling in it, and I love the white dress on you too – so light and pretty!

  7. that's a great summer dress! i have some random pieces from zara from the late '90s and i can't believe they've survived the test of time! hope you have a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚

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