Seabound Indoors

Have I ever mentioned to you guys that sometimes in our backyard, we’ve spotted deer? Yes indeed, and I’m THIS close to including them in my shots, but since they’re so shy, they never stick around for my poses!! Deers are such graceful animals and love how they’re large in size but such babies when it comes to interacting. To be honest though, they kind of freak me out when I’m out running, because even though I know they’re timid, technically, if they wanted to, they could really mess me up and I don’t know the first thing about how to outrun a deer! Random? A little. This is what happens when I wait until the end of the day to blog..

The Seabound Skirt is one of my favorite Anthro pieces and just love the way its shaped and the deep pockets are so comfy. It definitely has me thinking of the Riviera…one day, one day.

american eagle tee
anthropologie seabound skirt
anthropologie necklace
seychelles t-straps

17 thoughts on “Seabound Indoors

  1. I love this! It's soo pretty. I adore the print on the skirt. I was this close to buying this skirt but the length was weird on me. Why don't they ever have petite sizes in the stores to try? I also really like the ankle strap shoes with this.

  2. We have so many deer in our area! I am only fearful of them when I'm driving – I can't even tell you the heart attacks I've had from them darting across the road in front of me. Love this skirt! And those shoes are so cute – I'm not sure I could ever choose a color, they are all lovely!

  3. I keep seeing that skirt in store, I think about buying it, decide against it and then see you wearing it and give myself a kick: it's a vicious cycle.It looks lovely on you.I wish we had deer all over the place at home but they seem to be somewhat of a rarity these days. 😦

  4. Dea as always you look great!! We live around a ton of deer, and I too freak out when I see them close up!! Seriously though one time we hit a horse with our van (actually not even a year ago) so I totally get freaked out especially when driving at night, because those things come out of nowhere!!! I do not want to hit another animal, it was tramatic!

  5. DEA-people have been spotting BEARS in their yards here in Wisconsin! I hate deer but fear bears even more!!! :)That skirt is so pretty. And with the color of your tee, it's perfect with the blues and other colors in the skirt. That skirt style looks so good on you. You never miss.

  6. absolutely delightful! i love the cut of this skirt on you. it is gorgeous! you look amazing with the bright top. and i also adore the chunky necklace. you are always pulled together just right!

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