Blue Book Deja Vu

I know I know, you’re probably wondering to yourself: “Didn’t she wear this color combo yesterday? Hello – diversify a little!” So boring, I can attest to that, but this is what happens when there’s a lot on the plate and creative juices are running low. In my defense, I just got the Blue Book blouse and really really adore it. Had intentions of pairing it with a different color pattern, bu then last minute wimped out and stuck to a pink skirt. At least I stayed away from jean Fridays!
j crew skirt
seychelles heels

15 thoughts on “Blue Book Deja Vu

  1. I love it!! I picked up that shirt last week during the anti-climatic sale and have had a hard time figuring out what to wear it with. What a great way to style it!! Ps I also ordered the salty seas dress and I think it all stems back to you and your post about it! I can't wait to get it!! Have fun on your weekend away!

  2. triciathomas- aww, thanks for remembering about the salty seas getaway!! I'm excited that you ordered it as well and I just tried it on again and really dig it. Such a unique little dress!

  3. That shirt fits you like it was tailor-made for your body- and the pairing with the pale pink skirt is sweet and perfect. LOVE pic#3 ^^ You cutie pie!

  4. I love this color combo! In fact, I planned on wearing my white Blue Book Blouse with my pink Alena Skirt in the next few weeks. You can't go wrong with it! Did you feel like you needed a cami under the Blue Book Blouse? I tried mine with one and just felt like it made the blouse more bulky and took away from the great fit. But I wasn't sure if it was too thin for work…

  5. I love this skirt on you (I have it as well). It's perfectly paired with your ruffled top. I repeat color combo too and not always because I'm in rush, but because I like it. πŸ™‚

  6. That shirt looks great with the pink skirt. I was thinking about getting it in the blue color if I can still find one in my store, but the white is really nice too. Do you have to wear something under it? I haven't seen one in person so I wasn't sure how thin they are.Also, I realized that I've posted a few times and haven't introduced myself. I love your blog and added it to my list on my new blog that I just started. πŸ™‚

  7. Anon- sorry for the delay!! The Seychelles are a few years old and bought them from Urban Outfitters. Maybe checking ebay would be the best way of locating them- good luck!

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