Nautical Lady Mourning 24

Sorry for the delay- I got all caught up in the season finale of 24, and have to say, I’m just so sad that Jack Bauer has left my life for good. I was anticipating this episode so much so that I didn’t take myself outdoors for the usual picture shots. Instead, I got some boring ones indoors. Can I just rave about this shirt for a minute? Love it, and love it’s price tag, $12.95. Thank you H&M for pretty much rocking and making this sweet, sweet tee.

h&m tee
anthropologie scalloped sailor skirt
giveaway win j crew necklace
me too sandals
I ended up ordering the Today & Tomorrow Skirt because I thought it’d be a great staple piece, especially at its sale price. Well, just goes to show that just because something goes on sale, it doesn’t mean it’s meant to be! Or flattering for that matter. It got here today and when I put it on………no magic whatsoever. It felt like a sack on, and even though if I thought about it long enough I could make it look better in mind, reality snapped me out of it. Back it goes! Anyone else try this little number?

22 thoughts on “Nautical Lady Mourning 24

  1. This look is perfect- it suits you to a T! And you know, I never watched 24, but got caught up in this final season, and I must say I liked the way they ended the series. Which is more than I can say for some *cough* other shows that *cough* I watched faithfully for 6 long years *cough* that just did a bullsh*t cop-out ending in the name of "open interpretation".*cough cough cough- I'm looking at YOU, LOST!*

  2. That skirt looks wonderful on you!! And what a great shirt for such a great price. I tried on the skirt again today, believe it or not, but it just didn't work again! Skirts from Anthro for some reason oftentimes fit awkward on me. The hips are always too tight and the waist loose. But it works sooo well on you!

  3. I've been hesitant about the Scalloped Sailor skirt but since you wear it so well I want to get one now. Does it fit tts? I used to watch 24 up until season 4 but since I had kids I lost interest in watching it. I need to get back into the dvds collecting dust… πŸ˜›

  4. I apparently didn't get the season finale time memo and missed out on a bunch of shows! I think I caught Grey's and Brothers & Sisters, but I don't really even watch those shows. The Scalloped Sailer skirt is definitely YOU. You look great!

  5. I love the look today- the cut of that skirt is super flattering on you!I got the today and tomorrow skirt and I have to say that I like it personally, but it was a bit, well, puffier I guess, than I expected.

  6. Sol- I took this in a size 2, though I'm normally a 0 in Anthro. It's a snug fit but during the day it loosens up so it was a good call to size up one. Hope this helps!

  7. I love your outfit, so very into the red, whit, and blues. And, I haven't looked at Anthro's denimn skirts lately, cause I bought one last year that I wear all the time, but that skirt is darling!

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