Out of the Rain, Into the Forest

The weather put a damper on posting outfits for the last couple of days due to the rain. The interesting thing is that with rain comes a lack of excitement for wearing pretty, feminine clothes, so maybe it was a good thing there’s no record of the last few outfits. Finally today, I got a break and out came the sun, if only for a few short, humid hours. Got the chance to meet up with Erin again and we scoped out the pretties at Anthro- what else!! I was really looking forward to trying on some of the new arrivals, particularly the dress, but nothing yet!

Very randomly, I located the Aniseed Skirt by Eva Franco in my size and felt intrigued to try it on. Confession time: I’ve never been a fan of this skirt just due to the stripes and funky shape. Well, once on it was a completely different story and I was instantaneously hooked! So dangerous to try things on sometimes! I just found it so unique and like nothing I’d seen before. I’m well aware that it’s been around for what feels like forever, and soldout online so was afraid to risk not finding it come sale time.

I grabbed the Creative Outlet Tank in pink to see what the skirt would look like with a tank tucked in. Well this tank is just delicious and love its softness and puckering. Go to sale, go to sale!
And to add on to the already mismatched outfit, I topped things off with the Peeking Lace Blazer, which was the only one in my store. I liked it and tried it on in a 0, but the fit is kind of awkward (you’ll soon see) and sizing up to a 2 would have produced a smoother fit.
Well, after such a well-constructed outfit, I had to end things with a pretty green number, the Dreaming in Green Skirt. It is a cutie and runs small so this is a size 2, for reference. Hugs just about everything so this is not for those afraid to showcase their curves. Love its texture and cute buttons, but had to leave it behind because due to J Crew, I own way too many pencil skirts. Still adore this though!
With rain, comes humidity, so shorts it is for today! After looking the shots, I realize a lot of leg was being shown… Oh, and can I just mention that I found this blouse for $20!
anthropologie gleaming shoots blouse
j crew chino shorts
anthropologie belt
everybody (anthropologie sweet wrap) sandals
I’d love to hear your opinions on the items tried on!

27 thoughts on “Out of the Rain, Into the Forest

  1. I desperately want the Aniseed Skirt by Eva Franco!!! It looks fabulous on you and might not look as great on me, but it's just so cute!The green skirt is awesome too.

  2. I love the Aniseed Skirt on you!Your outfit of the day is so cute – nice legs lady!I want that Peeking Lace Blazer – ahhh! I can't stop thinking of it, and you have me thinking of it even more!

  3. melissa- thanks so much! I'm certain it would look fun on you as well, it's get that kind of appeal!anon- I got my regular size 9 and the fit is great. Just a touch roomy but I prefer that then looking like my foot is squeezed in!kim- hehe, I had you on my mind when spotting the blazer. It is a cutie and such a feminine touch to top off just about any outfit! I'm not gonna be an enabler so wont say whether you should get it!! But it's cute (there)!!

  4. The Aniseed skirt looks great on you. I'm afraid with my hippy hips, it would be a disaster, so I didn't even set myself up.I love the green pencil skirt. Can't get enough of them, they are classics.

  5. i love the belt you wore with the shorts! oh and the aniseed skirt looks great on you. my sister has it… i didn't know it was sold out everwhere. I may have to borrow it soon~

  6. Are you kidding me? Your legs were made for shorts! I have to say I was sort of avoiding your post today after seeing a thumbnail on another blog roll. I'm trying to get over my obsession with the Aniseed Skirt and you're only making that harder. It loooks *amazing* on you!! Gah!!!

  7. I caved and got the Aniseed skirt a few weeks ago and have yet to wear it! It's super cute on though–who would have thought! I expected it to be shapeless but it is not πŸ™‚

  8. I think the shorts and the belt compliment each other well! You look great in those shorts!I was just down in Durham, NC this past weekend visiting my cousin and I made her take me for a quick stop at the Anthro at Southpoint on Saturday. She doesn't like to shop at Anthro because she thinks it's too expensive. Oh well she is missing out! I love visiting stores in other areas!! It was a lovely store.

  9. This skirt is so perfect on you! I'm so glad you got it! Also, as soon as that Creative Outlet Tank hits sale we'll have to go shopping together again b/c I love my navy one and now want the pink one, too! πŸ™‚

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