Anthro Fitting Room

Can’t believe I almost forgot to post on the rest of the things I tried on over the weekend. Found some new loves so I’m in trouble!

The Anchors Aweigh Dress was just beautiful in the April catalog and when I saw it in person, still really dug its simplistic yet unique style. Perfect for the hot NC summers or if I ever have the chance to go sailing. I tried on the 2 which was the smallest my store had, but once it goes on sale and I locate a size 0, it’s on!

For this next dress, I have no name  a name, the Breakfasting Dress. Can’t find it online but seems like it’s on its way there. I loved its cream color, soft materal, and the bit of detail right at the bustline. If felt a touch heavy so wonder how breezy it would be in the summertime, but it also has a cotton lining so keeps the dress protected from any perspiration!
Where else are you going to find giraffe shorts? Well, that’s what the Rift Valley Shorts bring to the table and they were just too cute to not try on, just to say I did it. Adorable in theory but I think a bit too short for my taste. While standing up things look okay, but sitting down? I think I’d be giving a show!
In keeping up with florals week, will be back later today to post my OOTD and respond to the comments on yesterday’s post.

15 thoughts on “Anthro Fitting Room

  1. I saw that dress Tuesday also. It did feel heavy, i just touched it but didn't try it on. The Anchors Away dress is darling, as well as the giraffe shorts on you. Have you seen the new arrival- Secret Treasure dress? So pretty. I'd love to get that since I didn't get the Beda dress!

  2. The white dress is now online- it's called the Breakfasting Dress, and when I saw it, my first thought was "OMG how perfect would that be for an informal little urban chic wedding???!!!" (haha can you tell I've got weddings on my mind??)

  3. I actually really like those shorts and think you are totally rocking them – I can see where it'd be a tad short for you if you sat down though (oh you long-legged lady you) – would you consider it in a larger size or was it just not for you?

  4. I tried on the Breakfasting Dress the other day and HATED it! I'll have a review up tomorrow, but omg, wasn't the material the worst? It's SO heavy for a summer dress, I know I'd be sweating in it. Plus, it made me look wider than I am, which is never a good thing – even the xs was too loose on me.Thanks for the reviews!

  5. alicia- yes, the dress is darling but the material is kind of heavy for the summertime. It's worth trying on though!gemma- the material was indeed heavy and worried me for the summer- think it would make me hot! I didn't spot the Secret Treasure dress but it does resemble the Beda!katie- thanks! I'm a big fan of dresses, they're just so easy!krameymartin- the 2nd dress is really cute, but don't know about the material and shape…tara- I think you should look for another dress for the urban chic wedding!! I'm certain that DC has loads of options for you and your little cute self! So the material is cotton, but feels a bit like a towel…best I can come up with! Not jersey, but heavy cotton…cat- thanks so much! It is really pretty but I think it might overwhelm me a little, again, due to its material!lisa- yey, thanks for the cheer regarding the giraffe shorts! In fact I did go up a size just to make them longer, but again, too short for muah!kim- haha, I love how honest you are with the reviews. I guess I really did want to like it so was light on the hate, but I think you're right. I got the 0 and it still felt big…plus it felt heavy. Can't wait to hear your review on it!

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