The Sale and Its Results

Day two for Florals!
The alarm went off at 3am, and for a second, I thought it was November and I was gearing up for Black Friday. Without a doubt, I was miserable waking up so early, especially when I found out what was waiting for me. An Anthro sale, yes, but it lacked that ‘wow’ factor that I was anticipating for an event that’s only supposed to happen twice a year. Clicking away didn’t get me very far and was only willing to pull the trigger on a couple of items that weren’t too die for, but what the heck, they were cute (more on this later)!!

So then I took myself to the store in hopes of better (and cheaper) surprises from my favorite store. I guess I was expecting the whole store catered to the sale, with back inventory items throughout the racks, but it was more or less the same things that I just saw online. As I’m perusing, a woman in front of me exclaims: “You’re that girl from the blog”! I was stunned and didn’t know what to say, and as always I started laughing when this sort of thing happens. It was by far the most random thing that has ever happened to me, so reader, if you see this: Hi and thanks for the very amusing moment!! I didn’t catch her name but maybe we’ll run into each other again!!

This is what I managed to find in the sale room:

Somehow, I miraculously located the Acting Out Skirt in my size and am feeling pretty pleased with the whole situation. It always caught my eye online but this was the first time meeting. Also got my coveted PA on the Scalloped Sailor Skirt so yes, I’m completely skirted out!
On to the OOTD. My eyes lit up when I saw that the Alpine Dream Skirt got marked down to $20 so called CS and got a PA on that as well. So while the sale choices weren’t amazing, I did get some $ back from what I had already purchased; win-win situation so can’t complain.
anthropologie through-the-snow cardi
anthropologie alpine dream skirt
local boutique boots
anthropologie duchess headband

16 thoughts on “The Sale and Its Results

  1. I agree. Wasn't anything more outstanding than usual. I thought of you when I saw the Alpine skirt. I had it in hand, but with two other recent skirt purchases, I resisted. I did get the Tonal Gingham Dress and can't wait to wear it. I also picked up the matroshka doll measuring cups. Too cute to pass up.

  2. The Alpine Dream Skirt is taunting me at $20! Ahh! πŸ™‚ The Acting Out Skirt looks great on you! I've never tried on the Winding Roads Tank…what did you think? I'm starting to kinda want it…

  3. I was pleasantly surprised at the great price for the Alpine skirt! You look so cute in it and I think the length looks really good on you! The fun little tier is a nice touch too! I'm glad you got some $$$ back, even if the sale was lackluster! I have my eyes on the Sailing Stripes blouse and hope my store still has it!

  4. So glad you got the Acting Out skirt! I got it FP several weeks ago because I was so panicked it would sell out in my size. Guess I could have waited, lol! But I don't really regret it, because I LOVE that skirt. It looks great with so many things, and is one of those staples-with-a-twist that I love having in my closet.

  5. What a great price on the Alpine Lace Skirt – sweet! I love the outfit you bought too, that skirt and tank look fantastic on you! I see the Coulis Cardi hanging up in the background, what did you think? That sweater was such a disaster on me, I am curious if you had better results?

  6. Hey! I was the lady in the store who recognized you! sorry for just blurting out but it shocked me too! I think your style is FIERCE and am glad that I got to "meet" you. I got several things at the sale but I agree, it did not have the "wow" factor I thought it would. hope to see you again!

  7. krameymartin- I tried on the Dreaming in Green skirt and really liked it but I already have so many colorful pencil skirts (thanks jcrew)! I got the Scalloped Sailor skirt too.pamela- oohh, the Gingham Dress is lovely and can't wait to see it on you. I agree that there was nothing I was "dying" for, but of course I walked away with a bag in hand! I too got some bowls for the house…ice cream anyone?erin- yey, I too can't believe the price tag of the Alpine Dream skirt and it is such a good fit, can't complain for $20 with Anthro standards! I'm right there with you..the Winding Roads in yellow is a favorite and I'm really thinking about it!amy- I hope that they have the Sailing Stripes blouse at your store so that you can be fulfilled and not end up buying something else as a substitute!! Thanks for the positive feedback on the skirt and can't wait to wear it without boots!!lauren s- thanks for sharing your feedback about the acting out skirt. It was a big surprise finding it and a dream wearing it! I too think it's really versatile and has that 'sexy' factor in an Anthro sort of way!!jan- you've got a great eye for spotting the Coulis Cardi and in fact I brought it home with me! I really like its sherbet colors and the cut gives it a feminine feel. But I agree with you, it can feel a little shapeless so I'll have to try it on with some things..dale- finally a name, lol!! Thanks so much for letting me know it was you, now I don't feel like such a weirdo! It was just a really funny situation and definitely made my morning πŸ™‚ Glad to hear you scored some things at the sale, and too bad for us not being wowed by the big sale. Oh well, a sale is a sale in my book!! Definitely say hi in the future and I'll do the same.

  8. I wasn't wowed by the sale but I thought it was because I didn't get to log on until around noon. I was worried all of the good stuff was gone. I bought the do-si-do skirt(a steal) and the hustle and bustle skirt(i'm intrigued by the print but not sure how it will look on me).You look so pretty today:)I'm loving floral week.

  9. How did I never like the sweater before I saw it on you? So strange, Dea, you've got some strange effect on me. Like the Elodie Lily Cardigan, didn't like it, don't care for it, saw it on you, AND I HAD TO HAVE IT.I'm thoroughly enjoying your contributions to floral week!

  10. dea, i really love this. and like Tien, i didn't care much for that cardi either but now i want it after seeing it on you! i also really love that you paired it with those boots, it just adds that little "oomph" to your outfit πŸ™‚

  11. i have to say i wasn't in awe of it either. it was strange. i also picked up that skirt but am waiting for it to get to me. i love the way you styled it!! you look awesome!

  12. i LOVE the through the snow cardigan! sigh, i'm wishing i had gotten it…anyway, i saw your comment on my blog–i'm glad you scored the verite dress! can't wait to see it on your blog πŸ™‚

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