Anthro Fitting Room

Everytime I post about items I try on at stores, I’m hesitant in calling them reviews because really, it’s just my personal opinion on how an item fits me and when I try something on it’s usually for selfish reasons! Also, I’m not the best with my adjectives in describing cuts, material, silhouette, fit, and again, can only speak from personal experience. Thank goodness that there are quite a few quality ladies who do a splendid job of describing an item and giving us a good feel of what to expect if we decide to take the plunge. What I do hope this helps with is in hearing a different take on something from someone with my measurements/taste/preference!

When out and about yesterday, I think one of the first things that caught my eye was the rah-rah rumba skirt and grabbed both colors. Well, big mistake because I liked both so much it was hard to decide which to pick! I went for the size 0 and felt it was really comfortable on and thank goodness for that elastic belt in case I’m having a bloated day or decided to eat one too many sweet potato fries! I noticed that online some noted concerns over the tiers, but I didn’t find them overwhelming at all and because it’s a cotton skirt, felt the wrinkles could be taken care of as well. It was super-comfortable on and I just think both colors promise infinite possibilities.


I loved the white version but then remembered all my white skirts so went with the grey because I don’t think I have a skirt in this color and could be dressed up with more ease… I think.
The other skirt I got really excited about locating at the store was the field scout skirt. It’s a pretty simple, straightforward kind of piece but that’s why I like it so much. That, and the big front pockets, which give it a real vintage feel. The color is pretty fantastic as well and so cheerfully appropriate for summer. I took the 0. It just looks awesome with the looping lanes belt!
Both skirts stole my heart and made me forget about what I already own! Have no idea what Tuesday will bring and doubting a sale for these two, but at least I know what works and will be keeping them wishlisted!

18 thoughts on “Anthro Fitting Room

  1. I bought the Rah Rah Rumba in white since I don't have a white skirt. Yes, it was hard deciding between the two colors. I love it and looking forward to wearing it very shortly. I managed to find the Looping Lanes Belt restocked at my store today. Yeah!What are your thoughts on the Fennel Flower Skirt? I tried it on and it runs a little small, but is amazing.I've whittled through my wish list as well for Tuesday morning and ordered a few things today that I have had my eye on and have been around forever. I even returned some Anthro stuff I had but hadn't worn and didn't really work with the remainder my items.

  2. I love the tiered skirt on you (I hate its name with a fire of a thousand suns so I will not speak it, lol). The gray was a great choice because it will be easier to transition to all-seasons!

  3. robin- so glad you tried it on and like it; love it when that happens! It has such a great cut and just mades me want to twirlbronzi- wow, sounds like you took care of Anthro business this weekend! Definitely admire you for that and I too have a couple of items that were recently purchased but I haven't reached for them. Perhaps they might be on a second cut come Tues. and I'll get a PA. Yes, I too found the looping lanes belt in my store and it was a pleasant surprise! As for the Fennel Flower skirt, I haven't seen it at my store but looks really cute! I love the bits of flowers everywhere, thanks for pointing it outjesspgh- haha, I do understand what you mean (I think) with the frustrations on the skirt's name. And yes, I agree with you on the gray and its versatility. kim- yes, most definitely check it out because it's lovely on and a great fit!

  4. I found your blog recently, and I'm so happy I did. You put together some really inspiring outfits (as cheesy as that may sound).I loved how you wore the monochromatic corset dress so much that I tracked it down on ebay and bought it–not for $10 mind you. I'm kind of concerned about the size now though, as I was reading through reviews after, and people said it fit 1 to 2 sizes small. Oh, and it's great to see another sweet potato convert!

  5. So glad you tried both of these skirts on! The Field Scout skirt is high on my wishlist & I like it paired with the looping lanes belt (finally got my belt the other week!). I'm hoping they will have the skirt when I go to Anthro tomorrow. Thanks Dea, both look lovely on you! πŸ™‚

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